Playing for the Ashes Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Elizabeth George
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Olivia and Chapter 1

• Olivia is sitting on the deck of a barge she shares with a young man called Chris Faraday, writing out the story of her life.

• She describes the marriage of her parents. She believed her mother, Miriam Whitelaw never truly loved her father so put all her energy in the various charities she was involved in.
• In Chapter 1 Marin Snell, a milkman, makes a delivery to Gabriella Patton's house. He has a crush on Gabriella, watching her habits closely and is surprised to see she has yet to take in her milk from the previous day. Walking around the back of the house, he is shocked to see the dining room full of smoke.
• Inspector Isabelle Ardery arrives at Gabriella's house to investigate. Upon noticing that the fire had smouldered for hours, she concludes it was started deliberately. In the upstairs bedroom a person lies...

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