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The Ilium Works

This is the location of a large manufacturing complex.


This location houses mostly average people.

The Bridge

This is a symbol of the division between the upper and lower classes.

The Bar

This location is where most of the revolutionaries congregate.

The Player Piano

This object is a symbol of the accomplishments of mankind becoming mechanized and automated.

The Reconstruction and Reclamation Corps

This is a very large workforce with nearly no work to do.

The Army

This is a government-employed workforce that is not allowed to carry weapons in the U.S.

The Meadows

This is the site of a yearly company retreat.

The Oak

This is the site of a yearly company memorial ceremony.

Checker Charley

This object is a game machine that self-destructs.


These make people forget their problems and become contented.


These determine what occupations people can have...

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