Player Piano Character Descriptions

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Doctor Paul Proteus

This character is torn between siding with the machines that run the economy and the Ghost Shirt Society.

Doctor Edward Francis Finnerty

This character is extremely gifted despite being born to a poor, uneducated family.

Anita Proteus

This character is born to an average family and is extremely ambitious and manipulative.

Doctor George Proteus

This character helps create the machine-based society where all of the characters live.

Doctor Lawson Shepherd

This character is very ambitious and competitive, and has worked at Ilium Works from a young age.

Doctor Berringer

This character gets his job at Ilium Works mostly because of his influential family.

Doctor Katherine Finch

This character is a secretary and is engaged to another character in the book.

Doctor Bud Calhoun

This character designs the machine that replaces him at his job.

Rudy Hertz

This character is a master machinist who spends most...

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