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Chapter 1

• The setting of the story is Ilium, New York, which is divided into three sections based on class.

• Dr. Paul Proteus, the main character, is the manager of Ilium works and the son of an important machinist.

• Anita, who got Dr. Proteus to marry her by pretending to be pregnant, goads Dr. Proteus to

• Dr. Proteus says that one of the first machines he built with Finnerty and Shepherd is too old and will soon die completely.try for an open promotion at Ilium.

Chapters 2 - 3

• The Shah of Bratpuhr, a religious leader, comes to Ilium for a tour and describes the citizens of Homestead as slaves.

• Paul goes to Homestead to buy whiskey for Finnerty, who is coming to dinner. He sees Reeks and Wrecks on the way there, who have almost no work to do.

• At the bar in Homestead, Paul runs into Rudy Hertz...

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