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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the following would not be offered in trade for a favor by the characters in the play?
(a) Blessings.
(b) Dung.
(c) Poteen.
(d) Potatoes.

2. What is the most significant plot change in Act II?
(a) The appearance of Old Mahon.
(b) Christy receives a new coat from Shawn.
(c) Christy is arrested.
(d) The Widow Quin helping Shawn.

3. The conflict that appears in Act II is:
(a) Old Mahon shows up to take Christy back home.
(b) Pegeen and the Widow Quin are fighting over Christy.
(c) Pegeen cannot decide between Shawn and Christy.
(d) Christy can't decide whether he should tell Pegeen the truth.

4. What would the Widow Quin not have Christy do if he came to live with her?
(a) Build a goose house.
(b) Darning.
(c) Meet wise men.
(d) Hug.

5. When Pegeen warns Christy not to tell everybody of his crime or he might have to leave, he surprises her by:
(a) Telling her she is worrying needlessly.
(b) Saying that he made it all up.
(c) Fainting.
(d) Speaking to her romantically.

6. What does Christy see out the window just as he is about to join the races?
(a) The peelers.
(b) Old Mahon.
(c) Pegeen kissing Shawn.
(d) A black cloud.

7. At the end of Act II, Christy is summoned by:
(a) Father Reilly.
(b) Pegeen.
(c) The peelers.
(d) The village girls.

8. Who is "The Playboy of the Western World?"
(a) Old Mahon
(b) Michael Flaherty
(c) Shaneen Keogh
(d) Christy Mahon

9. Where does the Widow Quin tell Old Mahon that Christy is?
(a) Gone over the hills to catch a steamer.
(b) Back home to turn himself in.
(c) She has never seen him.
(d) Down to the shore to play in the games.

10. Which character tells the village girls about Christy and sends them to meet him?
(a) Father Reilly.
(b) Shawn.
(c) The Widow Quin.
(d) Pegeen.

11. What is Christy worried about after Old Mahon leaves?
(a) That he will be turned in to the police.
(b) That Old Mahon will return for him.
(c) That he will be late for the games.
(d) What Pegeen will think of him when she hears the story.

12. The motivation for sending the girls to meet Christy is:
(a) To bring him back to the Widow Quin's house.
(b) To spy on him.
(c) To ask if he really is a murderer.
(d) The hope that he will like one of them better than Pegeen.

13. What is Pegeen's reaction when she enters her home to find the village girls toasting Christy and the Widow Quin?
(a) She tries to get them to take Christy with them.
(b) She chases them out with a broom.
(c) She is thankful for their help.
(d) She is not pleased.

14. What Christy offer the Widow Quin if she will help him win Pegeen?
(a) Chickens.
(b) Prayers that will get her to heaven at the time of her death.
(c) A path on his property that leads to the river.
(d) A job at Pegeen's once they are wed.

15. What is poteen?
(a) Rancid wine.
(b) Illicit whiskey.
(c) Potato alcohol.
(d) Potato stew.

Short Answer Questions

1. In what way does Christy demonstrate courage in Act II?

2. The term "whisht" in the character's dialect means:

3. What does Christy say his father did just before Christy struck him?

4. The villagers seem very religious, yet they treat Christy with:

5. The majority of the characters' dialogues include:

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