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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Pegeen rushes out to tend to her sheep crisis, what does Shawn offer to Christy to leave?
(a) A bribe.
(b) Excuses.
(c) The Widow Quin.
(d) His help.

2. The majority of the characters' dialogues include:
(a) Prose.
(b) Blessing the Lord.
(c) Fowl language.
(d) Exaggeration.

3. When Pegeen warns Christy not to tell everybody of his crime or he might have to leave, he surprises her by:
(a) Speaking to her romantically.
(b) Saying that he made it all up.
(c) Fainting.
(d) Telling her she is worrying needlessly.

4. What would the Widow Quin not have Christy do if he came to live with her?
(a) Darning.
(b) Hug.
(c) Build a goose house.
(d) Meet wise men.

5. Which of the following concepts best fit the play?
(a) Good versus evil.
(b) Love scorned.
(c) Life or death situations.
(d) Stereotyping.

6. The villagers seem very religious, yet they treat Christy with:
(a) Patience because he is not as devout as they are.
(b) Kindness because his father was cruel.
(c) Pity because he is poorer than they are.
(d) Awe for his bravery.

7. During the girls' discussion of the boots, Sara Tansey:
(a) Tries the boots on and considers keeping them.
(b) Flings the door open and threatens to shoot Christy.
(c) Makes coffee.
(d) Suggests they wait for Pegeen to return.

8. What do the girls from the village want from Christy?
(a) His attentions.
(b) His money.
(c) To punish Pegeen.
(d) His advice.

9. What is Shawn's plan for Christy?
(a) To take Pegeen off his hands.
(b) To win the games.
(c) To go to America and forever leave Pegeen's life.
(d) To beat fear into him.

10. Why does Shawn say Christy and Pegeen don't suit each other?
(a) Pegeen is fickle.
(b) Christy is too short.
(c) They are too much alike.
(d) They will be strangling each other in a score of days.

11. Which of the following characters could be described as the most impulsive?
(a) Christy Mahon
(b) The Widow Quin
(c) Shawn Keogh
(d) Old Mahon

12. At the end of Act II, Christy is summoned by:
(a) The village girls.
(b) Father Reilly.
(c) Pegeen.
(d) The peelers.

13. What is Christy worried about after Old Mahon leaves?
(a) That he will be late for the games.
(b) That Old Mahon will return for him.
(c) What Pegeen will think of him when she hears the story.
(d) That he will be turned in to the police.

14. Which character comes up with the idea of entering Christy into the races and games?
(a) Shawn Keogh
(b) Sara Tansey.
(c) The Widow Quin.
(d) Pegeen.

15. What is Christy's reaction to his father?
(a) Embarrassed about not doing a good job.
(b) Afraid that he will be punished by God.
(c) Guilty for hurting him.
(d) Angry that he pretended to be dead.

Short Answer Questions

1. Pegeen's village is located:

2. How does Old Mahon describe Christy's personality?

3. What does Christy say his father did just before Christy struck him?

4. What is the mood in Act II?

5. Christy's demeanor as he tells his story can be described as which of the following?

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