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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The people of Pegeen's village can be characterized as:
(a) Religious zealots.
(b) Devil worshippers.
(c) Peasants.
(d) High society.

2. How does Old Mahon describe Christy's personality?
(a) Foolish and timid.
(b) Sensible.
(c) Hot tempered.
(d) Studious.

3. What does the mirror at the beginning of the scene symbolize?
(a) Christy's vanity.
(b) Christy's reflective personality.
(c) Christy's habit of always looking back.
(d) Christy's two-faced personality.

4. The motivation for sending the girls to meet Christy is:
(a) To spy on him.
(b) To ask if he really is a murderer.
(c) To bring him back to the Widow Quin's house.
(d) The hope that he will like one of them better than Pegeen.

5. Christy tells the girls and the Widow Quin that his father wanted him to:
(a) Marry an old, overweight, half blind, widow of ill repute.
(b) Plow his four acres of potatoes without a horse.
(c) Move out.
(d) Wed the young girl next door so that he would have a maid.

6. What does the Widow Quin suggest that Old Mahon do?
(a) Marry her.
(b) Follow Christy quickly before the tide comes in.
(c) Pray for him.
(d) Stay and rest for a few days.

7. The Widow Quin enters the scene and suggests that he tell all of them his story while:
(a) She stalls for time.
(b) They make him breakfast.
(c) Michael James sleeps off his hangover.
(d) Pegeen sends for the police.

8. Christy leaves Pegeen's house to go:
(a) To be blessed.
(b) Find Michael Flaherty.
(c) Follow Old Mahon and finish him off.
(d) Down to join in the races.

9. Why does Shawn say Christy and Pegeen don't suit each other?
(a) Christy is too short.
(b) They will be strangling each other in a score of days.
(c) Pegeen is fickle.
(d) They are too much alike.

10. What is the most significant plot change in Act II?
(a) Christy receives a new coat from Shawn.
(b) Christy is arrested.
(c) The Widow Quin helping Shawn.
(d) The appearance of Old Mahon.

11. Christy tells the Widow Quin:
(a) She is too old for him.
(b) He negotiates for more gifts.
(c) He only has love for Pegeen.
(d) He will think about it.

12. During the girls' discussion of the boots, Sara Tansey:
(a) Makes coffee.
(b) Flings the door open and threatens to shoot Christy.
(c) Suggests they wait for Pegeen to return.
(d) Tries the boots on and considers keeping them.

13. Which of the following concepts best fit the play?
(a) Stereotyping.
(b) Good versus evil.
(c) Life or death situations.
(d) Love scorned.

14. What is the mood in Act II?
(a) Somber.
(b) Tense.
(c) Silly.
(d) Mysterious.

15. When Pegeen warns Christy not to tell everybody of his crime or he might have to leave, he surprises her by:
(a) Fainting.
(b) Speaking to her romantically.
(c) Telling her she is worrying needlessly.
(d) Saying that he made it all up.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does the Widow Quin tell Old Mahon that Christy is?

2. Which character has the most at stake due to the appearance of Christy?

3. The term "whisht" in the character's dialect means:

4. Where is Christy in actuality while the Widow Quin is taking to Old Mahon?

5. What is Christy's reaction to his father?

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