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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. A second rivalry in act one involves:
(a) The Old Mahon and Christy Mahon.
(b) Christy Mahon and Shawn Keogh.
(c) The Widow Quin and Shawn Keogh.
(d) Shawn Keogh and Michael James.

2. At the end of the first evening, Christy is pleased because:
(a) Two women are fighting over him.
(b) He has been fed.
(c) He has found his cousin, Shawn.
(d) He has found a job.

3. The Widow Quin tells Christy that Pegeen is:
(a) A Widow herself.
(b) Not a christian.
(c) Rude.
(d) Engaged to be married.

4. Pegeen's wedding is on hold until her fiance receives:
(a) A job.
(b) An endowment.
(c) Her father's blessing.
(d) Dispensation from the Holy Father.

5. In his first conversation with Pegeen, Shawn's character is revealed as that of a:
(a) Coward.
(b) Lecher.
(c) Hero.
(d) Braggart.

6. The issue of Christy going home with the Widow Quin is resolved when:
(a) The Widow Quin decides to stay with Christy and Pegeen.
(b) Christy falls asleep.
(c) Christy says he wants to stay with Pegeen.
(d) Shawn decides to stay with Christy and Pegeen.

7. Shawn is mocked by Pegeen and her father because:
(a) Pegeen is smaller than him and can beat him up.
(b) He won't fight Christy Mahon.
(c) He won't go to the wake.
(d) He says he is God fearing when he is really just afraid.

8. As Michael James meets and converses with Christy, he addresses him as:
(a) Divil boy.
(b) Queer lad.
(c) Stranger.
(d) Mister honey.

9. Pegeen's formal name is:
(a) Margaret Flaherty.
(b) Pegeen Mike.
(c) Sara Tansey.
(d) Widow Quin.

10. Considering the Irish dialect used by the author, the term "da" means:
(a) Brother.
(b) Fiance.
(c) Father.
(d) Lame.

11. At the end of Act 1, Christy thinks to himself:
(a) "Wasn't I a foolish fellow not to go home with the Widow Quin."
(b) "Wasn't I a foolish fellow to tell these folks of my murderous deed."
(c) "Wasn't I a foolish fellow to run this far from home."
(d) "Wasn't I a foolish fellow not to kill my father in years gone by."

12. The argument between the Widow Quin and Pegeen involves:
(a) The Widow Quin attempting to take Shawn away from Pegeen.
(b) The Widow Quin attempting to marry Pegeen's father.
(c) The Widow Quin attempting to take Christy home with her.
(d) The Widow Quin attempting to stay overnight at Pegeen's.

13. Pegeen's discussion with Christy after her father leaves is interrupted by:
(a) The peelers.
(b) Shawn.
(c) Old Mahon.
(d) The Widow Quin.

14. Pegeen's relationship with her father can be described as:
(a) Loving.
(b) Antagonistic.
(c) Amiable.
(d) One sided.

15. Once she is alone with Christy, Pegeen spends a great deal of time:
(a) Discussing her engagement with Shawn.
(b) Discussing her plot to kill her father.
(c) Sweet talking him.
(d) Asking him about his old girlfriends.

Short Answer Questions

1. Pegeen is like her father in that they are both:

2. Pegeen's father is going out for the evening to:

3. Christy has not been caught for the murder so far because:

4. Christy describes himself to Pegeen and the men as:

5. Which of the following could be considered to have a significant impact on the characters' lives?

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