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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Pegeen is like her father in that they are both:
(a) Conniving.
(b) Kind hearted.
(c) Sarcastic.
(d) Short.

2. What do both Shawn and Michael James claim to hear from a ditch on the side of the road that evening?
(a) A rabid dog growling.
(b) A wolf howling.
(c) Someone groaning.
(d) Shots.

3. One of Christy favorite pastimes after working hard all day on the farm is:
(a) To poach rabbits in the dark.
(b) To flirt with girls.
(c) Sneaking up on ducks while they are sleeping at night.
(d) Searching for the walking dead.

4. At the beginning of Act 1, Pegeen is complaining because:
(a) She doesn't want to be alone in the house overnight.
(b) Her father is drunk.
(c) Shawn won't remove his boots.
(d) She is getting too old to find a husband.

5. Christy has not been caught for the murder so far because:
(a) He buried the victim.
(b) Someone else was charged with the murder.
(c) Murder is not considered a crime is his village.
(d) A storm destroyed the victim's home.

6. Michael offers Christy a job as:
(a) A pot boy.
(b) A peeler.
(c) A delivery boy.
(d) A pall bearer.

7. When the character, Christy Mahon enters the scene, he is:
(a) Looking for the police.
(b) Looking for a bride.
(c) Suffering from a severe gash in his head.
(d) Tired, frightened, and dirty.

8. Pegeen is referred to as "Pegeen Mike" in the story because:
(a) She looks like a boy.
(b) Her middle name is Michelle.
(c) She is bequeathed to Michael O'Donovan.
(d) Her father is Michael Flaherty.

9. Shawn is mocked by Pegeen and her father because:
(a) He won't fight Christy Mahon.
(b) He says he is God fearing when he is really just afraid.
(c) He won't go to the wake.
(d) Pegeen is smaller than him and can beat him up.

10. In his first conversation with Pegeen, Shawn's character is revealed as that of a:
(a) Lecher.
(b) Hero.
(c) Coward.
(d) Braggart.

11. At the end of Act 1, Christy thinks to himself:
(a) "Wasn't I a foolish fellow not to kill my father in years gone by."
(b) "Wasn't I a foolish fellow to run this far from home."
(c) "Wasn't I a foolish fellow to tell these folks of my murderous deed."
(d) "Wasn't I a foolish fellow not to go home with the Widow Quin."

12. Shawn Keogh's nickname is:
(a) Sheamus.
(b) Red.
(c) Shaneen.
(d) Christy.

13. When the characters use the term "himself" they are referring to:
(a) God.
(b) A widow's dead husband.
(c) He.
(d) The master of the house.

14. Pegeen attempts to discredit the Widow Quin by accusing her of:
(a) Killing her father.
(b) Being a spy for Father Reilly.
(c) Poaching chickens.
(d) Burying her husband.

15. The character of Christy is portrayed as:
(a) Brave and heroic.
(b) A cold blooded murderer.
(c) Young and naive.
(d) A dunce.

Short Answer Questions

1. Once she is alone with Christy, Pegeen spends a great deal of time:

2. Christy is served a supper of:

3. The setting of Act 1 takes place:

4. Christy tells Pegeen that his father:

5. The responsibility of barkeep in Michael James' establishment falls to:

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