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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Christy responds to Pegeen with, "We're alike so" after she tells him:
(a) She can't wait to leave town.
(b) She wants to marry young.
(c) She is going to kill her father.
(d) She wants to get married.

2. Act 1 begins with Pegeen:
(a) Daydreaming about her wedding.
(b) Writing a request for wedding supplies.
(c) Writing a list of supplies for her father's wedding.
(d) Giving Shawn a list of wedding supplies.

3. The term "pot-boy" refers to:
(a) A young lad paid a meager fee to keep a woman from being alone.
(b) A boy hired to empty the contents of the out house.
(c) A boy who collects coins in a pot at a wake.
(d) A boy hired to bring food home from the market in a pot.

4. Shawn will not stay the night because:
(a) He wants to attend the wake.
(b) He is afraid of the peelers.
(c) He is afraid of Father Reilly.
(d) He is afraid of the person wailing in the ditch.

5. When Pegeen asks Christy if he is attracting many girls after telling his story, he replies:
(a) "Hundreds."
(b) "I haven't told my story no place till this night."
(c) "Yes, they won't leave me be."
(d) "No, just the Widow Quin."

6. Which of the following characters does not appear in Act 1?
(a) Jimmy Farrell
(b) Old Mahon
(c) Margaret Flaherty
(d) Philly Cullen

7. Pegeen imagines that Christy must have the temperament of:
(a) A rattle snake ready to attack its next victim.
(b) A plow horse full of patience.
(c) A dead fish.
(d) A man filled with blind rage.

8. Shawn is mocked by Pegeen and her father because:
(a) He won't go to the wake.
(b) He won't fight Christy Mahon.
(c) Pegeen is smaller than him and can beat him up.
(d) He says he is God fearing when he is really just afraid.

9. Pegeen's father is going out for the evening to:
(a) Church.
(b) Visit the Widow Quin.
(c) Kate Cassidy's wake.
(d) Go hunting.

10. When the character, Christy Mahon enters the scene, he is:
(a) Tired, frightened, and dirty.
(b) Suffering from a severe gash in his head.
(c) Looking for a bride.
(d) Looking for the police.

11. Shawn reacts to Christy's employment by:
(a) Calling Christy a liar.
(b) Praying.
(c) Offering to stay with Pegeen.
(d) Threatening to kill Christy.

12. As Michael James meets and converses with Christy, he addresses him as:
(a) Queer lad.
(b) Divil boy.
(c) Mister honey.
(d) Stranger.

13. Pegeen is like her father in that they are both:
(a) Sarcastic.
(b) Short.
(c) Conniving.
(d) Kind hearted.

14. What do both Shawn and Michael James claim to hear from a ditch on the side of the road that evening?
(a) A wolf howling.
(b) Someone groaning.
(c) A rabid dog growling.
(d) Shots.

15. The setting of Act 1 takes place:
(a) During the wake of Kate Cassidy.
(b) In the country home of Michael Flaherty.
(c) In the village of Mayo.
(d) In a tavern owned by Sheamus Mulroy.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Act 1, Pegeen is engaged to marry:

2. At the end of Act 1, Christy thinks to himself:

3. Pegeen's wedding is on hold until her fiance receives:

4. When Pegeen says to Shawn, "Go on, then, to Father Reilly, and let him put you in the holy brotherhoods, and leave that lad to me," what emotion is she displaying?

5. Christy committed the murder by:

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