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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Pegeen finds out that Old Mahon is Christy's father, she:
(a) Protects Christy.
(b) Asks Shawn if he will still marry her.
(c) Asks Christy to explain.
(d) Turns on Christy.

2. What is Pegeen's response to Michael Flaherty's news?
(a) She wants to marry Christy.
(b) She is leaving.
(c) She wants a fair trial.
(d) She hates him.

3. How does Michael Flaherty say to Christy's request for his blessing?
(a) "May God and Mary and St. Patrick bless you."
(b) ""What will I tell Father Reilly?"
(c) "You are a pair of heathens!"
(d) "No, it wouldn't be right."

4. When the village girls arrive, they interrupt Christy as he is:
(a) Trying to escape.
(b) Admiring himself in a mirror.
(c) Snooping.
(d) Sleeping.

5. When Pegeen warns Christy not to tell everybody of his crime or he might have to leave, he surprises her by:
(a) Telling her she is worrying needlessly.
(b) Fainting.
(c) Speaking to her romantically.
(d) Saying that he made it all up.

Short Answer Questions

1. The Widow Quin almost convinces Old Mahon that:

2. When the village girls come to meet Christy, the one item they do not bring him is?

3. Shawn reacts to Christy's employment by:

4. Where is Christy in actuality while the Widow Quin is taking to Old Mahon?

5. Pegeen is referred to as "Pegeen Mike" in the story because:

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