The Playboy of the Western World Character Descriptions

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Jimmy Farrell - This character is a friend of Michael Flaherty and a regular patron of his pub.

Michael James Flaherty - This character is father to Pegeen and owner of the pub at which she lives and works.

Pegeen Flaherty - This character is a strong willed, attractive young woman who is both flirtatious and sharp tongued.

Shawn Keogh - This character is a cowardly but devoutly, religious young man who is engaged to marry Pegeen.

Christy Mahon - A somewhat naive young man, this character believes he has killed his father by hitting him on the skull with a loy.

Old Mahon - This character is the bad-tempered father who is out for revenge.

Pegeen Mike - This character has the nickname for Pegeen Flaherty.

Philly O'Cullen - One of MIchael Flaherty's drinking buddies, this character has a slightly more suspicious nature.

Widow Quin...

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