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Act 1

• Pegeen Flaherty, a young woman of about twenty, is alone and tending the public house of her father while he is gone for the evening.

• Pegeen writes a letter to a merchant about the items necessary for her upcoming marriage to Shawn Keogh, who just happens to come into the public house.

• Due to religious convictions, Shawn cannot stay all night with Pegeen until they are married.

• Pegeen wishes that Shawn were bolder and he is chided for this when Michael Flaherty and some of the local men come in for some ale.

• Shawn is worried for Pegeen because he has heard the moans of a stranger lying in a ditch not too far away.

• Christy Mahon arrives at the public house visibly tired and hungry.

• Christy is not at ease until Michael tells the young man that the authorities do not frequent the public house.

• Christy...

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