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Chapters 1 - 3

• The protagonist, Maria Wyeth, is in a mental hospital. She is being asked routine questions about whom she is and why she is there. She is thinking back on her life.

• Maria grew up in Silver Wells, a small town in Nevada that is no longer populated because it is in a missile range.

• Her father either won the town in a bet or inherited it, and it had hundreds of acres of mesquite, a zinc mine, trinket shop, miniature golf course, reptile museum, and a restaurant with some slots and crap tables.

• Being a gambling man, her father won and lost a cattle ranch, a ski resort, and a motel in Silver Wells, and had an affair with a woman who ran an empty restaurant.
• Her father's fortunes turned when a highway that would have brought people to the town was never built.

• Her mother...

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