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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through 107c - 115e.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Cebes argue is the logical conclusion of a man always giving the right answer?
(a) He is lucky.
(b) The knowledge is innate.
(c) The questions are easy.
(d) The man has great knowledge.

2. What does Socrates say often yields faulty conclusions?
(a) The senses.
(b) Soldiers.
(c) Men.
(d) Young students.

3. What is recollection produced by according to Socrates?
(a) The brain.
(b) Similarity.
(c) Luck.
(d) Knowledge.

4. Who had to be led away during Socrates' trial?
(a) Antisthenes.
(b) Xanthippe.
(c) Phaedo.
(d) Aeschines.

5. What does Socrates believe something in existence will lead us away from in 66b-72e?
(a) Ignorance.
(b) Prison.
(c) Greed.
(d) Confusion of senses.

Short Answer Questions

1. What will philosophy free according to Socrates?

2. What can be compared by using reference to knowledge of the perfect form?

3. What happen after the soul reaches and is accepted at the next station after death?

4. What does Socrates argue small things come from?

5. What question does Socrates ask Simmias in 62d-66a?

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