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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through 107c - 115e.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How do things appear when perceived by the senses according to Socrates?
(a) Partly equal.
(b) Imperfectly equal.
(c) Unequal.
(d) Equal.

2. Where does Socrates think the people of earth dwell?
(a) On its surface.
(b) In his caves.
(c) In the hollows of the earth.
(d) In its oceans.

3. What does Socrates says of his ability with the area he is looking into, in order to answer Cebes' question?
(a) He never practiced it.
(b) He has little ability in it.
(c) He has intimate knowledge of it.
(d) It is a useless area for a philosopher.

4. Why was Socrates held prior to dying, according to the two men discussing at the start of "Phaedo"?
(a) A battle with Sparta.
(b) A senate meeting.
(c) A religious ceremony.
(d) A voting day.

5. How does course and moderation see death according to Socrates' argument?
(a) Good.
(b) Necessary.
(c) Evil.
(d) Unavoidable.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Socrates conclude at the end of 88c-95a?

2. What does Cebes argue a man can always answer correctly?

3. Why are moderates amongst the masses also moderate out of fear according to Socrates?

4. What does Socrates say about philosophers at the start of 62d -66a?

5. Why did Socrates decide to pursue the arts according to his conversation with Cebes?

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