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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who showed up at the farm to hunt for a motive in the case?
(a) Levi.
(b) Ellie.
(c) Lizzie.
(d) Samuel.

2. Why does Ellie decide she must mount an insanity plea?
(a) Because Katie believes Samuel is the devil.
(b) Because Katie screams out in her dreams about killing the baby.
(c) Because Katie continues to deny having the baby.
(d) Because no one in the Amish community will talk about the baby.

3. Whose house are services held at the first Sunday after Katie is arrested and released?
(a) Ephram's.
(b) Jacob's.
(c) Levi's.
(d) Aaron's.

4. What does Ellie speak to Aaron, and then the bishop, about needing?
(a) Electricity for her cell phone.
(b) Electricity for her laptop.
(c) A car to get to and from the courthouse.
(d) A telephone line.

5. What does Katie say to Ellie when they first arrive at Katie's farm and have a few minutes alone?
(a) Katie still flatly refuses to admit to having the baby at all.
(b) Katie breaks down and tells Ellie all about the birth.
(c) Katie says nothing, and instead runs out of the house, crying.
(d) Katie divulges whose child the baby really is and why she is protecting her.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Samuel and Katie never do?

2. What do the bishop and the church leaders want Katie to do at the next church meeting?

3. What was the bishop going to ask Samuel to do in Part 1, Chapter 7?

4. What does Ellie do before returning to bed after watching Katie speak to someone who wasn't there?

5. When the reporters show up the first night at the family home, what does Katie's father do?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does the bishop provide Ellie with electricity for her laptop?

2. In Chapter 7, what does Ellie want to know when she confronts Katie after she learns from Lizzie that Samuel had never been intimate with Katie?

3. What does Samuel admit to the bishop in Chapter 7?

4. How did Levi, a farm hand, find the baby?

5. In Chapter 1, why does Ellie Hathaway take Katie's case?

6. When Stephen is annoyed that Ellie missed the interview and embarrassed him, what did Ellie realize?

7. In Chapters 2-3, who was excited that Ellie had successfully gotten an acquittal for a man who sexually abused several girls, and what did this person do for Ellie?

8. In Chapter 4, why did Ellie call a psychiatrist friend in the middle of the night?

9. In Chapter 5, when Katie recalls moments of her past, she recalled meeting someone at Jacob's graduation. Who was it?

10. What is the first step Ellie takes in an attempt to win over the Amish community?

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