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Lesson 1 (from Part One, Chapter 1,)


Part One, Chapter 1,

The objective for this lesson is to teach the students the difference between first and third person in storytelling. Plain Truth uses both first and third person storytelling to tell the same story, and through this lesson, students will be able to learn why the difference is significant.


1) Have the class define what the first person and third person narrative styles are. Make sure that they understand the first person uses "I" and tends to be a narrative form, while the third person uses the "he/she" pronouns. Then, have the class brainstorm about what types of words are best used in each style.

2) Have the class split into groups and identify passages in the book that are in the first or third person. Then have each group try re-writing a small section/passage into the alternate voice (first person would write...

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