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Part One, Chapter 1,

• Plain Truth is about an Amish girl who finds herself in the center of a murder trial and the lawyer who comes to her rescue.

• The lawyer, Ellie Hathaway, takes the case as a favor to their shared aunt. During the trial, Ellie and Katie become friends and begin to see certain truths about themselves so that they can find happiness in their own lives.

• A young girl gives birth alone in a milking barn. Upon hearing a strange noise, the barn's owner awakens his wife. The girl cuts the baby's umbilical cord and holds him in her arms, soothing him by offering her pinkie for him to suck on. The girl falls asleep and when she awakens, the baby is gone. The girl believes God has taken the baby away from her in an answer to her prayers.

• Levi, a farmhand, finds the baby...

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