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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Rambert anticipate happening when he meets his wife again?

2. What is Tarrou's opinion of his fellow human beings?

3. How do his friends try to help Grand?

4. What seems to be an important factor in the reduction of plague deaths?

5. Who is the gunman whom the police arrest?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Tarrou's philosophy?

2. What is the effect of the child's death upon the other characters?

3. What gives the people cause for hope in Part 5 Chapter 1?

4. What drastic developments are depicted in Part 3 Chapter 1?

5. Has Cottard really gained from his profiteering during the plague?

6. Account for Cottard's behavior in Part 5 Chapter 5.

7. Account for the difference tenor and content of Fr Paneloux's new sermon, compared with that he gave at the conclusion of the Week of Prayer.

8. Why cannot jubilation be complete at this point (Part 5 Chapter 1)?

9. Explain the nature of the irony in the beginning of Part 5 Chapter 3.

10. What is the significance of M. Grand's struggle against the plague in Part 4 Chapter 7?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

'The Plague shows us the way people deal with adversity.' People's responses to adversity are affected by their strength of character, or the lack thereof, as well as their outlook on life. Examine the popular responses to the plague situation and compare these with Dr. Rieux's.

Essay Topic 2

The Plague depicts people coping with a terrible crisis. It is concerned with separation and loss. Choose three characters from the novel and discuss the way each of them deals with separation and loss.

Essay Topic 3

Usually in a novel there is a network of conflict between characters. While some of this happens in The Plague (think of Rambert's efforts to escape the city), it is minimal. What is the source of conflict in The Plague? Is it internal, external or a combination? How does this conflict arise and how is it worked out?

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