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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What news does Rieux receive next day?
(a) That he is bankrupt.
(b) That his wife has died.
(c) That Tarrou has died.
(d) That he has won a bravery award.

2. With what does Dr. Rieux treat this patient?
(a) Mustard plasters and cupping.
(b) An ancient garlic compound.
(c) Penicillin.
(d) Dr. Castel's serum.

3. Who receives an invitation to the sermon?
(a) Dr. Rieux.
(b) M. Cottard.
(c) The Prefect.
(d) Dr. Castel.

4. How is Tarrou reminded of his mother?
(a) Madame Rieux is quite similar..
(b) A cafe waitress.
(c) Mme Othon is quite similar.
(d) He sees a portrait of Rieux's wife and sees a resemblance.

5. Tarrou's opinion of Grand is:
(a) That he is unlikeable and annoying.
(b) That he is nondescript.
(c) That he is arrogant and controlling.
(d) That he is a man of quiet courage.

6. What was Tarrou's father's occupation?
(a) He was an undertaker.
(b) He was a concert pianist.
(c) He was a prosecuting attorney.
(d) He was a doctor.

7. What does Rieux do with Grand's manuscript?
(a) He reads it and offers to find Grand a literary agent.
(b) He burns it, only because Grand demands it.
(c) He accidentally knocks it into the fire.
(d) He burns it out of spite.

8. Where is Grand taken for treatment?
(a) The Catholic hospital.
(b) A military hospital.
(c) Rieux and Tarrou look after him at home.
(d) Dr Rieux's home.

9. What is the situation with food supply?
(a) Food needs to be imported.
(b) There is no more flour for brioche.
(c) The town is about to run out of food.
(d) It is thought that this will soon improve.

10. What is the choice Fr Paneloux talks about in his sermon?
(a) Losing faith or sacrificing oneself for it.
(b) Choice between a secular and a religious life.
(c) Trusting God or trusting in yourself and Science.
(d) Treating the plague or letting it run its course in patients.

11. What is at the core of Rambert's problem?
(a) He knows money can buy happiness but to get it, he'd have to steal.
(b) A struggle between doing the right thing or chasing his own happiness.
(c) He is afraid of making decisions.
(d) A fear that his wife will divorce him.

12. What seems to be an important factor in the reduction of plague deaths?
(a) Prayer.
(b) Dr. Castel's serum, which is now more effective.
(c) The change in the weather.
(d) Dr. Rieux's careful treatment of his patients.

13. How does Rieux encourage Tarrou?
(a) He tells him his illness is improving.
(b) He tells him he must live if he is to be a saint.
(c) He tells him he has been nominated for a Papal knighthood.
(d) He tells him he is the best friend he could ever hope to have.

14. What is the result of this treatment?
(a) There is no change in his condition.
(b) The boy takes longer to die.
(c) The formula is patented.
(d) The boy recovers quickly.

15. What is taking place in the town?
(a) Looting.
(b) Street races.
(c) People are visiting graves of plague victims.
(d) Joyful celebration.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which voice is now telling the story?

2. How is M. Othon's predicament solved?

3. What is Dr. Castel's work?

4. Why are newspaper reports optimistic?

5. What is the reason for cautious optimism in the town?

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