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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Rieux do with Grand's manuscript?
(a) He accidentally knocks it into the fire.
(b) He burns it, only because Grand demands it.
(c) He burns it out of spite.
(d) He reads it and offers to find Grand a literary agent.

2. Where is M. Othon quarantined?
(a) A hospital.
(b) In the city jail.
(c) His home.
(d) A camp.

3. What happens when Rieux tries to get Grand into the car?
(a) Grand hits him.
(b) Grand takes the car keys and runs away.
(c) Rieux has to hit him to make him keep quiet.
(d) Grand runs away, then falls over.

4. What happens on January 25th?
(a) The city gates are reopened.
(b) Dr. Rieux turns 40.
(c) There is a parade with fireworks.
(d) Authorities announce that the epidemic is over.

5. Which other character does Tarrou discuss in this part of his journal?
(a) M. Othon.
(b) Fr, Paneloux.
(c) M. Cottard.
(d) M. Grand.

6. How is food distributed to the people in the camp?
(a) Via small electric trucks.
(b) By donkey.
(c) The food is provided by relatives.
(d) The food is sent in by the Red Cross and dropped from helicopters.

7. Why are individual burials dispensed with?
(a) The gravediggers are threatening to go on strike.
(b) The cemetery is full.
(c) People cannot afford expensive funerals.
(d) The death rate is too high to keep pace.

8. Why do workers take on the risky business of burying plague victims?
(a) They get free uniforms.
(b) The pay is high.
(c) They like the outdoors and exercise.
(d) People are public-spirited and feel an obligation.

9. What was the elder Tarrou's obsession?
(a) Lego.
(b) Watching court cases.
(c) The railway directory.
(d) Model trains.

10. How is Rambert's wife arriving?
(a) By ship from Marseilles.
(b) By air from Casablanca.
(c) By car.
(d) By train.

11. What additional friendship has Tarrou made?
(b) With Fr Paneloux.With the Prefect.
(c) With Rambert.
(d) With Cottard.

12. What is up with Grand?
(a) He is having a psychotic breakdown.
(b) He is exhausted.
(c) He is afraid of Cottard.
(d) He has caught the plague.

13. What important experience shaped Tarrou's view of capital punishment?
(a) Reading about Nazi Germany.
(b) Watching murderers set free without punishment.
(c) Watching executions in Hungary.
(d) Watching executions in Burma.

14. What makes Tarrou and Rieux very conscious of their isolation?
(a) The view from the terrace at the asthma patient's home.
(b) The fact that they never get mail from the outside world.
(c) Looking at a full moon.
(d) The silences at night.

15. What criticism is made of Fr Paneloux after the sermon?
(a) That he has committed simony.
(b) That he can't be heard at the back of the church.
(c) That he has committed polysemy.
(d) That he has committed sacrilege.

Short Answer Questions

1. What has Dr. Castel achieved?

2. Who ecomes general secretary to the squads of volunteers?

3. What does Rambert anticipate happening when he meets his wife again?

4. What is the choice Fr Paneloux talks about in his sermon?

5. Who makes a rueful observance about the feast day?

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