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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Rieux tell Rambert?
(a) That he is not wrong to put love first.
(b) That he might put people in danger.
(c) That it is irresponsible to put love first.
(d) That there are always other women.

2. What important experience shaped Tarrou's view of capital punishment?
(a) Watching executions in Burma.
(b) Reading about Nazi Germany.
(c) Watching murderers set free without punishment.
(d) Watching executions in Hungary.

3. Who makes a rueful observance about the feast day?
(a) M. Cottard.
(b) M. Grand.
(c) Dr. Rieux's mother.
(d) Dr. Rieux.

4. Which voice is now telling the story?
(a) The original narrator.
(b) Joseph Grand.
(c) Raymond Rambert.
(d) Rieux's mother.

5. How is food distributed to the people in the camp?
(a) The food is provided by relatives.
(b) The food is sent in by the Red Cross and dropped from helicopters.
(c) Via small electric trucks.
(d) By donkey.

6. Why are individual burials dispensed with?
(a) The cemetery is full.
(b) The gravediggers are threatening to go on strike.
(c) The death rate is too high to keep pace.
(d) People cannot afford expensive funerals.

7. How has Fr Paneloux assisted the community during the plague?
(a) He has researched ancient inscriptions for plague remedies.
(b) He has preached supportive sermons.
(c) He has said Mass every day.
(d) He has worked in hospitals.

8. How is M. Othon's predicament solved?
(a) Rambert threatens to write a news article about it.
(b) The mislaid paperwork is found.
(c) The Prefect intervenes and sorts things out.
(d) Rieux intervenes and sorts things out.

9. What is at the core of Rambert's problem?
(a) A fear that his wife will divorce him.
(b) He knows money can buy happiness but to get it, he'd have to steal.
(c) A struggle between doing the right thing or chasing his own happiness.
(d) He is afraid of making decisions.

10. What is the result of this treatment?
(a) The boy recovers quickly.
(b) The formula is patented.
(c) There is no change in his condition.
(d) The boy takes longer to die.

11. How is Tarrou reminded of his mother?
(a) Madame Rieux is quite similar..
(b) A cafe waitress.
(c) Mme Othon is quite similar.
(d) He sees a portrait of Rieux's wife and sees a resemblance.

12. For which people has the plague not ended?
(a) Priests and nuns.
(b) Those who have no-one to greet them on arrival.
(c) Staff in the municipal offices.
(d) The doctors.

13. Why does Tarrou thank Rieux?
(a) For looking after him.
(b) For not charging him.
(c) For getting special serum for him.
(d) For telling him the truth.

14. To what does Dr. Rieux confess?
(a) That he is a secret believer in Christianity.
(b) That he is the narrator.
(c) That he has stolen Tarrou's journal.
(d) That he did not love his wife.

15. What does Rieux confide?
(a) That his wife is getting much better.
(b) That he is in despair and contemplating suicide.
(c) That his wife's condition has worsened.
(d) That he has been profiteering from the plague.

Short Answer Questions

1. Having made his decision, what must Rambert now give up?

2. To what does Tarrou compare lawyers and judges?

3. What additional friendship has Tarrou made?

4. What does the Prefect order?

5. What is Rieux's reaction to Rambert's plans?

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