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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What decison does Rambert make?
(a) To smuggle medicines into Oran.
(b) To escape and return to his wife.
(c) He decides to stay and help to fight the plague.
(d) To buy a new apartment with a view over the bay.

2. Why does Rieux weep?
(a) His mother is ill.
(b) He feels he has wasted his life.
(c) For the loss of his friend and for his own medical impotence.
(d) He misses his wife.

3. What is happening across the road from Grand's building?
(a) Someone is threatening to commit suicide.
(b) There is a fire.
(c) Someone has taken a hostage onto the roof.
(d) Someone is firing shots into the street.

4. What happens when the man shoots into the street?
(a) A young woman is killed.
(b) Grand is killed.
(c) A dog is killed.
(d) He runs out of ammunition.

5. Having made his decision, what must Rambert now give up?
(a) Happiness with his wife.
(b) His job at the newspaper.
(c) His nationality/citizenship.
(d) A large income.

6. Why are many families not allowed to attend the funerals of loved ones?
(a) They are not able achieve the strict dress code.
(b) There are too many of them.
(c) It would be too upsetting for them.
(d) They are in quarantine.

7. In what activity has Cottard become involved?
(a) Smuggling. (Profiteering from the plague.)
(b) Writing a novel.
(c) Volunteering to assist in the fight against the plague.
(d) Running guns to Mardeilles.

8. Who makes a rueful observance about the feast day?
(a) Dr. Rieux's mother.
(b) Dr. Rieux.
(c) M. Cottard.
(d) M. Grand.

9. What reason does Rieux give for writing his tale of the plague in Oran?
(a) As a record of those who were determined to resist the plague and heal its victims.
(b) So everyone will know what an important person he has been.
(c) To warn people about rats.
(d) As a gift for his mother and in memory of his wife.

10. What becomes the last resort for disposal of corpses?
(a) Mass burial.
(b) Taken to a new cemetery in the desert.
(c) Burial at sea.
(d) Cremation.

11. Why does Tarrou thank Rieux?
(a) For looking after him.
(b) For not charging him.
(c) For getting special serum for him.
(d) For telling him the truth.

12. What is now possible for Rambert?
(a) Writing a world exclusive on the plague in Oran.
(b) His escape from Oran.
(c) A love affair in Oran.
(d) A job on Oran's newspaper.

13. What news does Rieux receive next day?
(a) That he is bankrupt.
(b) That Tarrou has died.
(c) That he has won a bravery award.
(d) That his wife has died.

14. How is food distributed to the people in the camp?
(a) The food is sent in by the Red Cross and dropped from helicopters.
(b) Via small electric trucks.
(c) By donkey.
(d) The food is provided by relatives.

15. Which other character does Tarrou discuss in this part of his journal?
(a) M. Othon.
(b) Fr, Paneloux.
(c) M. Grand.
(d) M. Cottard.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is M. Othon's release from camp delayed?

2. What is Dr. Castel's work?

3. In his struggle of conscience, who does Rambert resemble?

4. Where is M. Othon quarantined?

5. For which people has the plague not ended?

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