Objects & Places from Pippi Longstocking

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Villa Villekulla

This is Pippi's home where she lives with her animals.

Settergren House

This is where Tommy, Annika, and their parents live.


Tommy, Annika, and Pippi go to this, but Pippi takes over and irritates the person in charge.


Tommy and Annika attend this and get Pippi to go, but her disruptive behavior makes her time there short.


This is the tallest building in town and catches fire. Pippi saves two boys from there.


This is Pippi's pet that she generally keeps on the porch. She uses him for transportation.


Pippi, Tommy, and Annika climb this in Pippi's yard. They all get inside it.


Pippi, Tommy, and Annika sit here outside Pippi's house. This is where the girl looking for her father comes.

Pippi's Kitchen

This is one of the rooms in Pippi's house. She has her birthday party there.

Pippi's Bedroom

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