Pippi Longstocking Character Descriptions

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Pippi Longstocking

This character is an orphan who lives by herself at Villa Villekulla with her animals and lives off a bag of gold.

Tommy Settergren

This character is a nice boy, but he is always ready to do things with his neighbor like go inside a tree.

Annika Settergren

This character is sometimes fearful of the neighbor's suggestions, but does them out of a desire to be brave.

Mrs. Settergren

This character is a housewife with a maid. She lectures the neighbor girl about her bad behavior.

Mr. Nilsson

This character is a pet monkey who often rebels against his owner, but does help to rescue some boys.


This character is one of two burglars who try to rob an orphan girl. Her strength overpowers them and she has this character do a Swedish dance.


This character is...

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