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Chapter 1 "Pippi Moves into Villa Villekulla"

• Pippi is an orphan who lost her mother at birth and her father in a recent storm at sea. She likes not having people to tell her what to do.

• Her father was swept overboard during a storm at sea. Pippi does not think he drowned, but that he landed on a Cannibal island.

• She is sure he will return as the Cannibal King, and she will be the Cannibal Princess. She is very strong and can lift a horse.

• She lives in the house her father bought for retirement with her horse on the porch, and Mr. Nilsson, a pet monkey.
• Tommy and Annika are two conventional children who live next door and have always wanted someone to play with.

• When they return from their grandmother's house, they are happy to see Pippi and agree to have breakfast with her.

• Pippi...

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