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Joanna Stratton
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the following was a basic business for a frontier town?
(a) Book shop.
(b) Hotel.
(c) Bakery.
(d) Cafe.

2. Which of the following towns sprang up around the cattle drive business?
(a) Phoenix.
(b) Abilene.
(c) San Diego.
(d) Columbus.

3. Why were men not attracted to frontier teaching positions?
(a) Insufficient salary.
(b) They preferred to farm.
(c) They didn't have the education.
(d) They didn't think it was manly work.

4. What was Carry Nation's rallying cry as she wrecked saloons?
(a) "Smashing bottles, saving souls."
(b) "Be gone, demon rum."
(c) "Smash, women, smash."
(d) "Another victory over demon rum."

5. How many years did the town of Victoria last?
(a) 100.
(b) 10.
(c) 25.
(d) 50.

6. Which of the following did the school districts control?
(a) Tax levies.
(b) Native American laws.
(c) Graduations.
(d) Hiring of preachers.

7. How many English people were attracted to settle in Victoria?
(a) 200.
(b) 100.
(c) 500.
(d) 50.

8. What is one of the reasons that homesteaders liked cowboys coming through their territory?
(a) Cow chips.
(b) Fresh meat for their families.
(c) They could buy livestock.
(d) New people to talk to.

9. If a frontier town didn't have a jail, a prisoner might be locked up in __________________.
(a) A stable.
(b) A stagecoach.
(c) A church.
(d) An underground bunker.

10. What was the most famous immigrant community in Kansas?
(a) Victoria.
(b) Statesboro.
(c) Newport.
(d) Abilene.

11. Towns on the frontier had a(n) ______________ quality.
(a) Boom or bust.
(b) Aggressive.
(c) Robust.
(d) Innovative.

12. What invention in the early 1880s helped the homesteaders protect themselves from cattle drives?
(a) Barbed wire.
(b) Cattle prods.
(c) Invisible fencing.
(d) Winchester rifles.

13. If a town did not have a schoolhouse, where would the teacher hold class?
(a) In a dugout.
(b) In the church.
(c) In her own home.
(d) In the dry good store.

14. The majority of prairie teachers were _________________.
(a) Frontier mothers.
(b) Young girls.
(c) Women from bigger cities.
(d) Missionaries.

15. For what is Carry Nation best known?
(a) Founding the University of Kansas.
(b) Shooting the president.
(c) Becoming a preacher.
(d) Being a Prohibitionist.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why did Texas ranchers have to rely on cattle drives?

2. Some of the Kansas soldiers went east and some _____________________.

3. What weapon was Carry Nation notorious for using?

4. One way that families made money to fund a church was __________________.

5. When newspapers grew they became more subjective and filled with _______________.

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