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Iceberg Slim
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Short Answer Questions

1. How long does Slim spend in detox in Seattle?

2. Where does Slim escape to from the State Workforce?

3. What does "No Thumbs" Helen specialize in besides turning tricks?

4. What allows Slim to release his resentment of women?

5. What does Slim pretend to be to pull off his post-Leavenworth money-making plan?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does the Chapter 22 title "Dawn" reflect the evolution of Slim's life at this stage?

2. While out on bail in Chapter 16, how does Slim show his true colors as a friend to Sweet Jones and why?

3. How has Leroy been spending his years when Slim runs across him again in prison?

4. How is Slim working and spending his days now that he's off the drugs and living in Seattle in Chapter 21?

5. Slim has two near-murder experiences in Chapter 20. Who does he nearly kill, how and why doesn't he?

6. Slim finally feels like he is totally alone when he is released from Leavenworth in Chapter 16 and discovers Chris has married and had a baby. Is his reaction to this information purely selfish or is it possible that he has himself contemplated marrying Chris and is jealous of her ability to establish love and stability for herself?

7. How does Slim's reliance on drugs catch up with him in the end of chapter 15?

8. How does the relationship between Chris and Slim evolve during the 1940's in Chapter 14?

9. Slim's life sinks deeper into violence after his jailbreak. How is pimping becoming less exciting and more violent in Chapter 19?

10. Twice in Chapter 19, Slim turns to family for help. To whom does he go and for what?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Compare and contrast Steve and Slim's biological fathers. How are their influences on Slim's life and choices similar or different? Both will turn up again in Slim's life; how are those encounters different? How does Slim react to each encounter and how does he feel afterward?

Essay Topic 2

In Beck's early years, doctors, lawyers, bankers were the only high class "Negro" society he was exposed to that looked as well or lived as well as he and his family (with Henry Upshaw). Yet apparently this did not make enough of an impression upon him to lead him to highly value education and he is thrown out of Tuskegee University for bad behavior. In the late 1920's what were the educational and professional opportunities generally available to black men, and how did this affect Beck?

Essay Topic 3

Tuskegee University has an opportunity to turn Bobby Beck into a Harlem Renaissance man, a black man full of creative power and prolific ability. Instead, they turn him out of the school after Bobby cannot be convinced to obey the rules. Is the University "cutting off its nose to spite its face" with this rejection of talent and genius? Should the school take on the responsibility of preventing an obviously troubled youth from becoming another crime statistic, particularly in an era when opportunities for black men were so few and far between and the need for powerful black intellectuals was so critical in the social equality movement? Conversely, is it the school's responsibility to babysit ungrateful children who cannot simply comply with reasonable standards for straight living and personal achievement?

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