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Iceberg Slim
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Short Answer Questions

1. What would be the likely ending to Slim's pimping lifestyle?

2. After Mama's death Slim decides on a new path in life. What does he want to do?

3. How long is Slim's prison sentence after being found guilty on the federal charges?

4. Where is Slim when Pearl Harbor is bombed?

5. Sim is convicted on charges of escaping and sentenced to how long in prison?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Blood begin to feel like a real pimp in Chapter 13?

2. How does the Chapter 22 title "Dawn" reflect the evolution of Slim's life at this stage?

3. How does Slim's reliance on drugs catch up with him in the end of chapter 15?

4. How does his mother's death in Chapter 22 affect Slim's life?

5. Slim manages to move past blunt physical trauma to a more elegant finesse when he realizes he's in danger of losing Rachel in Chapter 20. How does Slim employ his psychological genius once again to ensure Rachel's loyalty?

6. Mavis is a female drug dealer and one of the few women in the story who is not a prostitute. How does Mavis being female make her an appropriate target for Slim's robbery attempt in Chapter 17?

7. How has Leroy been spending his years when Slim runs across him again in prison?

8. Twice in Chapter 19, Slim turns to family for help. To whom does he go and for what?

9. While out on bail in Chapter 16, how does Slim show his true colors as a friend to Sweet Jones and why?

10. When Slim meets his biological father again in Chapter 14, what difference becomes clear between his father's treatment and his mother's treatment in Slim's decision to become a pimp?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Though the epilogue to the story of Iceberg Slim's life is intended to portray Slim's thankfulness for a new lease on life and a feeling of renewal and redemption, an argument could be made that the overall tone of the book is almost nostalgic and its unapologetic approach shows no real remorse or genuine sense of misgiving for a life spent exploiting and abusing others. Describe your sense of the author's real feelings towards his life and choices. Is there a sense that his path was maybe more difficult than necessary but really not that bad since he "lived happily ever after" in the end? Is the book intended to convey a lesson or moral to the reader about ways not to live life or simply to provide catharsis for the author? Remembering that the author is a self-described psychological manipulator and professional salesman, think critically about the tone and content of the story. What appears to be the motivation of the author (beyond his overtly stated reasoning) for writing this book?

Essay Topic 2

In Chapter 1, Bobby Beck's father suggests to his mother that they should leave Bobby on the steps of the Catholic church since they cannot afford him. Given the childhood violence Beck is exposed to and life that Beck subsequently leads, would this perhaps have been a better alternative leading to a better life? Consider what the upbringing of a black boy in a 1920's Catholic orphanage would have been like, the damage (or lack of) Beck/Blood/Slim inflicted on those around him and the ultimate result of his decisions and life path.

Essay Topic 3

Compare and contrast Runt and Chris. How do their backgrounds differ, particularly with respect to their involvement with Slim? How does this affect their personal interactions with Slim and his treatment and regard for them?

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