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Iceberg Slim
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Short Answer Questions

1. What new bar does Blood go to in Chapter 7?

2. How does Blood come to view Sweet Jones?

3. Where does Bobby enroll in college?

4. What reality of racial prejudice in the legal system is Blood faced with after his encounter with Melody?

5. Instead of attending University and graduating with prestige, Blood has done what with his educational choices?

Short Essay Questions

1. In Chapter 4, in spite of his quick score with Runt, what is Blood constantly reminding himself and why?

2. At the end of Chapter 5, when Blood beats Runt for the first time, he begins to have flashbacks to his childhood and Mama. What insight do these flashbacks provide to Blood's life and personality?

3. Like many of the chapters, the title of Chapter 6, "Drilling for Oil" may have multiple meanings. What are two possible interpretations of the "Oil" that Slim is drilling for?

4. Why do Blood and Sweet Jones never discuss their differing opinions on white society?

5. Does it seem somewhat perverse that Blood whips Runt with a wire and then gets depressed when she leaves and doesn't come back by her usual time in Chapter 11? What does this say about the nature of an abusive relationship?

6. Besides giving him his first street name, how does Weeping Shorty influence Blood's career as a pimp?

7. How does Blood's experience with Pepper instill in him a desire for money?

8. Why does Runt's failure to return after the wire beating prompt Blood to think about calling Mama in Chapter 11?

9. What are two ways in which the Melody incident is haunting for Blood in Chapter 7?

10. Apart from a beating, what does Sweet Jones provide for Blood during their first meeting?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Opinion: Like many of the Harlem Renaissance writers of youth, Iceberg Slim resorts to street vernacular and slang not just for the character dialogue in his book, but for his own first person account. In your opinion what contribution does this make to the book? Does it emphasize the gritty reality of the book? Does it make Slim just sound illiterate? Does it make the book easy or difficult to read? Does it contribute to the atmosphere of the book? Does it seem necessary?

Essay Topic 2

Though the epilogue to the story of Iceberg Slim's life is intended to portray Slim's thankfulness for a new lease on life and a feeling of renewal and redemption, an argument could be made that the overall tone of the book is almost nostalgic and its unapologetic approach shows no real remorse or genuine sense of misgiving for a life spent exploiting and abusing others. Describe your sense of the author's real feelings towards his life and choices. Is there a sense that his path was maybe more difficult than necessary but really not that bad since he "lived happily ever after" in the end? Is the book intended to convey a lesson or moral to the reader about ways not to live life or simply to provide catharsis for the author? Remembering that the author is a self-described psychological manipulator and professional salesman, think critically about the tone and content of the story. What appears to be the motivation of the author (beyond his overtly stated reasoning) for writing this book?

Essay Topic 3

Only eight of the prostitutes in Slim's life are given names, generally those with whom he has the longest or most pivotal relationship (No Thumbs Helen would be an exception to this). Otherwise, he goes through hundreds of girls and none of them are named and few are even relevant to the story. How is this a reflection on the real motivation behind a pimp? Is pimping really about women or sex or relationships?

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