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Iceberg Slim
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After Bobby's father leaves and Mama must make ends meet, how much does a hairstyle from Mama cost?
(a) Twenty cents.
(b) One nickel.
(c) Fifty cents.
(d) One dollar.

2. After beating Runt with a wire, how does Blood respond to his own reaction?
(a) Throws her out on the street so he doesn't have to look at her.
(b) Cries and nurses her wounds.
(c) Contemplates suicide.
(d) Contemptuously.

3. What special gifts does Blood have that make the pimping game easy for him?
(a) His IQ and brain.
(b) His physique and style.
(c) His background and knowledge of people.
(d) His connections and money.

4. What does Chris do for the first time with Blood?
(a) Defies her husband.
(b) Takes heroin.
(c) Takes cocaine.
(d) Talks about her life.

5. What is different about his meeting with Runt after her night's work in Chapter 7?
(a) She came home on time.
(b) She has worked well and earned enough money.
(c) She has dyed her hair.
(d) She is not drunk.

Short Answer Questions

1. Chapter 3 describes Blood's participation in a con against Pepper which ultimately backfires. What is the original objective of the con?

2. What is Runt doing when Blood returns from Sweet Jones' penthouse at the beginning of Chapter 11?

3. What is Poison doing the first time Blood sees him?

4. Bobby now has a new street name, Macking Youngblood or "Blood". Who gives Blood this name?

5. What does Glass Top provide for Sweet Jones, other pimps, and eventually Blood?

Short Essay Questions

1. Blood gets up on his second day in Chicago and immediately gets high before going out for the night in Chapter 7. How does this sequence of events foreshadow a potential for backfire in Blood's plan to befriend Glass Top to get to Sweet Jones?

2. What is one of Slim's secrets to success for pimping in Chicago?

3. How is Bobby "torn from the nest"?

4. How is Pretty Preston used as a foil for Sweet Jones?

5. Why does Bobby/Slim say that from a pimp's perspective, looking back, Steve was an idiot and played the game with Mama all wrong?

6. How does the Chapter 9 title "Butterfly" refer to Chris?

7. Bobby accepts the invitation to attend Tuskegee University initially and only leaves when kicked out for bad behavior. How is Bobby's decision to attend college indicative of his frame of mind at this age?

8. Besides giving him his first street name, how does Weeping Shorty influence Blood's career as a pimp?

9. How does the incident with Melody provide a metaphor for Blood's relationship with and attitude towards the white world?

10. In what two ways does Pepper influence Blood?

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