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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Sweet Jones saves Blood from getting "bested" by which prostitute?
(a) Red Cora.
(b) Blue Shirl.
(c) Red Ginger.
(d) Black Dora.

2. Why did Bobby and his family (biological mother and father) leave Chicago?
(a) Because his mother was in trouble with her boss.
(b) Because his mother caught his father stealing from their workplace.
(c) Because his father was in trouble with the police.
(d) Because his mother caught his father cheating with another woman.

3. What is the setting after Blood is released from prison the second time?
(a) Indianapolis, IN.
(b) Milwaukee, WI.
(c) Chicago, IL.
(d) Minneapolis, MN.

4. Why does Pretty Preston's attempt at revenge on Sweet Jones fail?
(a) Pretty Preston chickens out.
(b) Sweet Jones calls the police.
(c) Pretty Preston passes out.
(d) Sweet Jones leaves.

5. Where do Runt and Blood go at the beginning of Chapter 5 (end of Chapter4)?
(a) Minneapolis.
(b) Indianapolis.
(c) Detroit.
(d) Chicago.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Runt complain about to Blood when he returns from Sweet Jones' house and discovers she hasn't left to start working?

2. Who introduces professional pimping into Blood's life?

3. According to the psychiatrists, why did Bobby choose to become a pimp?

4. How does what happens to Oscar affect Bobby's later actions in prison?

5. How does Blood leave Melody?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the essence of the "cop and blow" scheme in Chapter 10?

2. What is one of Slim's secrets to success for pimping in Chicago?

3. Steve is never given a last name. What might be some reasons for this in the author's mind?

4. Why does Runt's failure to return after the wire beating prompt Blood to think about calling Mama in Chapter 11?

5. In spite of having worked as a pimp for less than a full day in Chicago, Blood nevertheless provides Runt with a full set of "rules for whoring" in the neighborhood. Why does he do this and where would he have gotten these rules?

6. Diamond Tooth Jimmy and Party Time (Chapter 2), Weeping Shorty (Chapter 3), Poison, Sweet Jones, Glass Top and Pretty Preston are all street names for pimps and other characters of the underworld that Blood inhabits. What are some other professions that prefer or require nicknames for their operatives and why?

7. At the end of Chapter 5, when Blood beats Runt for the first time, he begins to have flashbacks to his childhood and Mama. What insight do these flashbacks provide to Blood's life and personality?

8. Who are the first pimps and prostitutes in young Bobby's life and how is his encounter with them a generally positive experience?

9. What are two ways in which the Melody incident is haunting for Blood in Chapter 7?

10. In Chapter 4, in spite of his quick score with Runt, what is Blood constantly reminding himself and why?

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