Objects & Places from Pimp: The Story of My Life

Iceberg Slim
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711 Club

A small-time underground Milwaukee location, this is where Slim meets Runt.


Slim encounters Sweet Jones for the first time here. It is a central spot for all hustlers, pimps and con men in Chicago.


Across the street from the hotel where Runt and Slim stay, this is where they frequently order breakfast and where Runt likes to take breaks. This is where Runt eventually meets Ophelia, who will become Slim's second whore.


A euphemism for male genitalia and other hidden, mysterious things.

Mood Indigo

The auditory style Runt frequently listens to; this sets the tone for the relationship between Slim and Runt.

Terre Haute

Slim sends himself money from here in the name of an imaginary prostitute named Chris to motivate Runt to work harder.

Henry Upshaw's Cleaning & Pressing Shop

Here, Slim holds his first legitimate job and is given positive reinforcement for it...

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