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Iceberg Slim
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Visceral Reaction

Read aloud the very first paragraph of Chapter 1 about the sexual molestation and his comparison of it to his birth. Get the students' verbal visceral reactions (anything from meaningful philosophic wanderings to "yuck!"). What is their impression of the book and/or of Iceberg Slim (the author) from that moment? Have them write these down (no more than a few sentences) with their names, collect them, and revisit them (again verbally) at the end of the book. Have their views changed? Why or why not?

Is he a hepcat or the bee's knees?

The book begins in the 1920's, which enjoyed its own highly colorful slang. The 1950's, when the book ends, was its own socially charged era with a distinct linguistic sound. Do a little research into 1920's and 1950's slang and write two short one-act plays, one from the 20's and one from the...

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