Pimp: The Story of My Life Character Descriptions

Iceberg Slim
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Iceberg Slim (aka Robert Beck, aka Macking Youngblood)

Although blessed with the I.Q. of a genius, this main character, a poor Black person living through the Depression and Segregation, ruins any chance to get out of poverty through a University scholarship and ends up living as a pimp for the majority of adult life.


This character's choices and behavior early in the narrator's life are the most pivotal in both the narrator's choice to work as a pimp and attitudes towards women.

Sweet Jones

This person serves as the main character's mentor in the pimping world, provides "career" advice, and even acts as a surrogate parent. The character later commits suicide.

Henry Upshaw

The only really stable and positive parental figure in the narrator's life story, this character is the owner of the only cleaning and pressing store in Rockford, Illinois.


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