Pimp: The Story of My Life Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Iceberg Slim
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Chapter 1: Torn from the Nest

• Young Bobby Beck is introduced with his biological family.

• A few of the violent and/or traumatic acts that characterize Bobby's early life are described.

• These events greatly shape the decisions Bobby later makes and his career path as a pimp.
• Henry Upshaw takes care of Mama and Bobby and is the last positive male influence in Bobby's life.

• Mama leaves Henry for Steve and together they move to Chicago.

• The decisions Mama makes during this period in Bobby's life largely shape his attitude towards women, part of his identity as a pimp.

Chapter 2: First Steps into the Jungle

• Bobby Beck is now 14 years old and meets Party Time who introduces him to life on the streets by helping Bobby to run his first con.

• Bobby's first con is also his hands-on introduction to the world of pimp and prostitute as he and...

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