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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When do Eskimos hunt caribou?
(a) at the beginning of winter
(b) in the fall
(c) right before summer
(d) at the end of spring

2. How does the author see the violence in the natural world?
(a) as inevitable
(b) as a mistake God made
(c) as something that needs changed
(d) as a symbolic sacrifice

3. Dillard believes that few humans have been as cruel as what, in the natural world?
(a) bugs who eat their prey live
(b) sharks that will eat almost anything
(c) the female preying mantis
(d) hurricanes which kill plants and animals

4. When a mosquito bites a snake, what happens?
(a) mosquitoes carry snake blood to other animals
(b) the mosquito dies from the snake blood
(c) the mosquito lays its eggs under the scales
(d) nothing, mosquitoes feed on snakes

5. How did early man view locusts?
(a) locusts were thought to be a plague sent by God
(b) as a plague sent by the devil
(c) as the harbringer of a natural disaster
(d) as a visitation from heaven

Short Answer Questions

1. When Dillard comes upon a rooting acorn, she imagines what?

2. Silvery eels swim to the sea after eight years of maturing in obscure creeks and rivers. What happens to them at the sea?

3. What does the author think about fish?

4. How does Dillard finally reconcile a kind, loving creator with the carnage she observes in the natural world?

5. The previous year, what did Hurricane Agnes do in the area?

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