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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Dillard believes that if she waits patiently with no anticipation of what is to come, this will happen.
(a) when something does come, it will bowl her over
(b) she will be enlightened
(c) she will be at peace
(d) she will see any animal she wants to see

2. When a mosquito bites a snake, what happens?
(a) the mosquito dies from the snake blood
(b) nothing, mosquitoes feed on snakes
(c) the mosquito lays its eggs under the scales
(d) mosquitoes carry snake blood to other animals

3. For wild animals, Dillards sees enduring parasitic invasions as what?
(a) the cost of life
(b) as a blessing
(c) a way for animals to die
(d) something deadly

4. Believing natural disasters were sent by God is an example of what?
(a) having faith
(b) not understanding God
(c) not having a good science background
(d) applying a spiritual interpretation to a natural phenomenon

5. What is necessary in order for the the gooseneck barnacle to reproduce?
(a) it must find a wrecked ship not more than one-half mile down
(b) it must find water of an exact salinity
(c) it must find a certain type of seaweed to cling to
(d) it must find any piece of debris to cling to in the middle of the ocean

Short Answer Questions

1. When Dillard comes upon a rooting acorn, she imagines what?

2. What makes birds harder to watch than insects?

3. What does Dillard see as the difference between a parasite and a predator?

4. What does the author think about as she watches the flood waters?

5. When Dillard discovers so much violence and horror in the natural world, how does she feel?

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