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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Dillard says stalk caribou herds for days?
(a) mountain lions
(b) polar bears
(c) wolves
(d) Eskimos

2. In Chapter 13, Dillard is still obsessed about nature. In what way?
(a) about the beauty of an oak leaf
(b) against the seeming cruelty of nature
(c) about the rain and the sound of water
(d) about humans destroying nature

3. In Chapter 10, what does Dillard see as making life easier?
(a) a lot of money
(b) staying in a state of denial
(c) accepting that everything dies
(d) living in the city

4. What does Dillard think the butterflies smell like?
(a) snow
(b) fall leaves
(c) Tinker Creek
(d) honeysuckle

5. What does the principle of indeterminacy invalidate?
(a) the notion of cause and effect
(b) that hummingbirds can sit still
(c) that the moon causes the tides
(d) that light travels in a circle

Short Answer Questions

1. Dillard believes that few humans have been as cruel as what, in the natural world?

2. What does Dillard say about the muskrat fur?

3. How did the Romans use the horns of the altar?

4. When moving towards a muskrat, how does one keep from scaring it?

5. Dillard suggests that the physical world is "all touch and go." What does she mean by this?

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