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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Dillard says stalk caribou herds for days?
(a) polar bears
(b) Eskimos
(c) wolves
(d) mountain lions

2. In this book the author is not only striving to understand the natural world, but to understand this acceptance:
(a) the interplay of life and death
(b) the meaning of acceptance
(c) the creator behind that world
(d) humankind's place in the world

3. When Dillard becomes motionless in watching for a muskrat, what does she do?
(a) she holds her breath
(b) she sits
(c) she calms herself and sinks down into her center
(d) she breaths deep

4. When a mosquito bites a snake, what happens?
(a) nothing, mosquitoes feed on snakes
(b) the mosquito dies from the snake blood
(c) mosquitoes carry snake blood to other animals
(d) the mosquito lays its eggs under the scales

5. Where are the answer to #163 going?
(a) to the ocean
(b) to Tinker Creek
(c) to the south
(d) to California

Short Answer Questions

1. Silvery eels swim to the sea after eight years of maturing in obscure creeks and rivers. What happens to them at the sea?

2. Dillard believes that if she waits patiently with no anticipation of what is to come, this will happen.

3. When Dillard comes upon a rooting acorn, she imagines what?

4. What makes birds harder to watch than insects?

5. Dillard says if nature is not monstrous, then why does it appear that way to humans?

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