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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Chlorophyll has a single atom of what substance in the center?
(a) carbon
(b) zinc
(c) magnesium
(d) hydrogen

2. When a scientist disrupted pine caterpillars' food trail, what happened?
(a) they turned around and followed their trail back home
(b) they stopped, and stayed still until they died
(c) half of caterpillars made a new trail off to the right
(d) the caterpillars could not restart a new trail

3. What does the author believe separates humans from their creator and humans from each other?
(a) hate
(b) indifference
(c) fear
(d) self-consciousness

4. How do humans insulate themselves from the present, according to the author?
(a) by blocking out the past
(b) by wearing clothes appropriate to the weather
(c) by lying to themselves and others
(d) by continuously reviewing images of the past and future in their minds

5. What does Dillard suggest is a similarity between her and plankton?
(a) they both carry stuff on their back
(b) they are both unaware of what they're doing
(c) they both live alone
(d) they both live in or near Tinker Creek

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Dillard say can be as blinding as complete darkness?

2. Dillard sees so much in the natural world which seems paradoxical. Why?

3. In Chapter 5 Dillard writes about finding a snake. What appeared peculiar about the snake?

4. Why did early Eskimos love winter?

5. What does the author believe about acts of physical courage?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Dillard believe about flowing water?

2. What is her purpose in the mimicking?

3. What is are augenblicks and how what does Dillard do with them?

4. What does Dillard mean by the phase, "sinking into her center?" How does she use this technique?

5. This Chapter is called "Fixed." What are some of Dillard's observations and thoughts that illustrate this title?

6. Describe Dillard's visit to a horse ranch and what happened.

7. What happens when Dillard tries to stay in the present?

8. The first section of Chapter 8 is titled, "Intricacy." What might this title mean and how does Dillard's writing change to reflect this?

9. Dillard states that once one accepts the inevitability of death, the rest is easy. What might she mean by that?

10. What is the problem with the starlings in Chapter 3? How does the town of Radford, Virginia deal with the starlings? Were they successful?

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