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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. One branch of Jewish philosophy believes that part of the responsibility of humans is to do what?
(a) stand in for God with the animals
(b) planting trees
(c) to experience the moment
(d) to help God by hallowing creation

2. How were Starlings are introduced to America from Europe?
(a) by a man who wanted all the birds mentioned in Shakespeare to be present in America
(b) they were sold as pets to a Virginian family
(c) they came over with a European circus
(d) they came in on a boat from England

3. What does Dillard think is the reason for so many forms of insects?
(a) insects mutate easily
(b) because they are hard to kill
(c) they each specialize in something
(d) it is nature experimenting

4. Why did Indians used grooved arrows?
(a) so they were lighter to carry around
(b) so they would fly farther
(c) it made them more accurate
(d) the hunter could follow the trail of blood that flows down the groove

5. In Chapter 5 Dillard writes about finding a snake. What appeared peculiar about the snake?
(a) it was pure white
(b) it was tied in a knot
(c) it had a outer and inner skin
(d) it had two heads

Short Answer Questions

1. How do praying mantises mate?

2. What causes most insects' behavior?

3. What does Dillard believe about nature and change?

4. She claims the ability to see what is hidden is what?

5. What does Dillard say happens the moment you are aware of the present?

Short Essay Questions

1. Dillard is somewhat obsessed with how creation reproduces itself and the excess with which it does so. How might this "obsession" relate to Dillard's own life or self?

2. Briefly tell the story written in Chapter 15 about a young man and his mother.

3. What is the correlation Dillard sees between time and the search for God?

4. In most of this book, what does Dillard primarily see about nature and how does it affect her?

5. How does Dillard relate the plankton to the Eskimo learning about Christianity and to herself?

6. In Chapter 12, Dillard observes the world at night. Considering the grasshoppers leads her into thoughts of locusts. How did early people see locusts, and where does Dillard's thoughts on them lead?

7. Chapter 13 continues Dillard's musing on the "dog eat dog" world especially as it relates to parasites. How does Dillard view the parasitic relationship?

8. What does Dillard conclude when she attempts to "view" creation from the standpoint of God?

9. What does Dillard believe about flowing water?

10. How does Dillard muse on the "how" of creating?

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