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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Dillard raps on the goldfish bowl, what does the fish do?
(a) stays perfectly still for ten seconds
(b) dive to the bottom
(c) swim to the surface
(d) swims around the bowl three times

2. Dillard believes that, with indifference, nature hides what?
(a) wonders from the eye
(b) waterfalls
(c) butterflies
(d) the agony of prey and hunter

3. What sport does the author play come spring?
(a) softball
(b) tennis
(c) basketball
(d) golf

4. What did Dillard do at one time about insects as a child?
(a) shooed them out of the house before her mother could kill them
(b) killed bugs with carbon tetrachloride and then pinned them on labeled boards
(c) watched them in the grass with a magnifying glass
(d) catch fireflies in glass jars to watch them glow

5. What does the author believe separates humans from their creator and humans from each other?
(a) self-consciousness
(b) fear
(c) indifference
(d) hate

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does the author think nature experiments with insects' shape, form and "niche?"

2. Why did Indians used grooved arrows?

3. Dillard says the agnostic asks who created the universe. What does a believer ask?

4. What does Dillard say is the way to tell winter has arrived?

5. How were Starlings are introduced to America from Europe?

Short Essay Questions

1. The "Present", Chapter 6 is also about time, but a very specific part of it, the "now." What are some of Dillard's thoughts on being in the present?

2. Dillard is somewhat obsessed with how creation reproduces itself and the excess with which it does so. How might this "obsession" relate to Dillard's own life or self?

3. This book alternately uplifts and depresses the sensitive reader. What did you find uplifting about the first chapter? Depressing?

4. This Chapter is called "Fixed." What are some of Dillard's observations and thoughts that illustrate this title?

5. Why does Dillard question both the morality and the compassion of nature?

6. In Chapter 12, Dillard observes the world at night. Considering the grasshoppers leads her into thoughts of locusts. How did early people see locusts, and where does Dillard's thoughts on them lead?

7. What is the correlation Dillard sees between time and the search for God?

8. The first section of Chapter 8 is titled, "Intricacy." What might this title mean and how does Dillard's writing change to reflect this?

9. Dillard remembers once seeing migrating Canadian geese fly, speeding across the duck pond which leads her to think what?

10. What is the story that Dillard relates about the Polyphemus moth and how does it show a possible origin of her attitude towards creatures?

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