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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Dillard see time?
(a) as an arrow through space
(b) as a continuous loop or an ascending spiral
(c) as being too long when waiting
(d) as a maze of days

2. What does the author see as an active mystery?
(a) whether there's life after death
(b) whether it will rain that day
(c) if the creek will ever get bigger
(d) Tinker Creek

3. What does Dillard say about humans and change?
(a) humans believe stability if good
(b) humans hate change
(c) humans abhor statis
(d) humans believe change is necessary

4. Why does the author think nature experiments with insects' shape, form and "niche?"
(a) from boredom
(b) to see which works best
(c) because nature is still trying to figure out how to kill off the insects
(d) Dillard figures nature will try anything once

5. Why did early Eskimos love winter?
(a) they like to celebrate winter soltice
(b) the whales are closer to shore
(c) the seals are easier to kill
(d) it is a time to use their sleds to visit other Eskimos

Short Answer Questions

1. How do honey bees survive the cold of winter?

2. What is one of Dillard's main occupations in the winter?

3. Dillard believes that "weather overlaps" which causes what?

4. How were Starlings are introduced to America from Europe?

5. What does she realize is the best way to quiet her mind?

Short Essay Questions

1. Dillard thinks about arctic explorations, which use the term "northing," to denote traveling in a northerly direction. How does she see "northing" in her own life?

2. In most of this book, what does Dillard primarily see about nature and how does it affect her?

3. Dillard writes a mystical account of a real encounter with a goldfinch. Briefly describe what she wrote.

4. Describe Dillard's visit to a horse ranch and what happened.

5. In Chapter 12, Dillard observes the world at night. Considering the grasshoppers leads her into thoughts of locusts. How did early people see locusts, and where does Dillard's thoughts on them lead?

6. When Dillard scrapes the wings of a couple dead butterflies, what might this symbolize?

7. What is the story that Dillard relates about the Polyphemus moth and how does it show a possible origin of her attitude towards creatures?

8. How does Dillard believe her time at Tinker Creek has helped her?

9. What is the correlation Dillard sees between time and the search for God?

10. How does Dillard relate parasites to her view of life?

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