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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When moving towards a muskrat, how does one keep from scaring it?
(a) lay down and crawl on your belly
(b) walk in the water
(c) sit still and hold your breath
(d) move when the muskrat's head is turned away from your direction

2. What does the author believe about the difference between abundant plant life and abundant insect life?
(a) insects will always outnumber plants
(b) abundant insect life is healthier for the earth
(c) the proliferation of plant life, does not disturb humans the way an overabundance of insects do
(d) plants would be more abundant without insects

3. What does Dillard think the butterflies smell like?
(a) honeysuckle
(b) snow
(c) fall leaves
(d) Tinker Creek

4. What does the author think about as she watches the flood waters?
(a) the well won't run dry for a while
(b) the waters are very powerful
(c) what the animals do in a flood
(d) surf's up

5. What makes birds harder to watch than insects?
(a) they fly faster
(b) birds seem much more aware of their surroundings
(c) they are not often on the ground
(d) there are less of them

6. Dillard is sometimes allowed one brief glimpse of a creature. What does she call these glimpses?
(a) her destiny
(b) an act of fate
(c) a gift of abundance
(d) pure good luck

7. What would Dillard suggest for food instead of creature eating creature?
(a) everyone being vegetarians
(b) no one needing food at all
(c) manna
(d) bread and water

8. Believing natural disasters were sent by God is an example of what?
(a) not having a good science background
(b) not understanding God
(c) having faith
(d) applying a spiritual interpretation to a natural phenomenon

9. Dillard suggests that the physical world is "all touch and go." What does she mean by this?
(a) things happen really fast
(b) time doesn't wait for anyone
(c) life is uncertain
(d) death is easy

10. What does Dillard believe about the death of the self?
(a) it is a type of transformation
(b) it is a part of life
(c) it would take a lifetime
(d) it is painless

11. In Chapter 9 Dillard is uneasy and hears what seems to be gunshots. What did she actually hear?
(a) firecrackers
(b) a garbage truck backfiring
(c) a cap gun
(d) a motorcycle

12. Silvery eels swim to the sea after eight years of maturing in obscure creeks and rivers. What happens to them at the sea?
(a) they mate with other eels then return to the fresh water
(b) they lay their eggs and then die
(c) they lay eggs and then go into deep water for the rest of their lives
(d) they have offspring and bring them back in two years

13. What serves as a catalyst to ready the birds for migration?
(a) the fall air
(b) the leaves turning colors
(c) catepillers making cocoons
(d) lack of flowers in the landscape

14. What does the term the term "northing" mean?
(a) types of birds that don't migrate
(b) someone who lives near the artic circle
(c) denotes traveling in a northerly direction
(d) the name the Eskimoes use for themselves

15. What is the other type of poisonous snake besides the answer in #139, that lives around the creek area?
(a) coral snake
(b) side winder
(c) cotton mouth
(d) timber rattler

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the author see as somewhat synonymous with the creator, or God?

2. In Chapter 13, Dillard quotes Van Gogh. What did she quote?

3. What does Dillard say is the driving force after reproduction in the animal kingdom?

4. What does Dillard see as the price of life?

5. The development of science leads to what, according to the author?

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