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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the author think the existence of parasites makes the world?
(a) unstable
(b) a horrible place
(c) more real
(d) nothing, parasites don't affect the world

2. What has Dillard decided is the meaning of death?
(a) one merely joins the earth at death
(b) it must happen or the earth could not sustain everything
(c) a journey to a far land
(d) a way to join the creator

3. The previous year, what did Hurricane Agnes do in the area?
(a) it missed the area, so it did nothing
(b) wiped out all the flowers in the area
(c) dumped enormous amounts of rain
(d) blew a tree down on top of Dillard's cabin

4. Dillard says that if plants had emotions, she would applaud this:
(a) their ability to tolerate other life forms
(b) their ability to fly in the teeth of it all
(c) their kindness
(d) their willingness to live in harmony

5. What does Dillard say is the driving force after reproduction in the animal kingdom?
(a) having a nice place to live
(b) finding food
(c) protecting the young
(d) knowing God

6. When Dillard becomes motionless in watching for a muskrat, what does she do?
(a) she calms herself and sinks down into her center
(b) she holds her breath
(c) she breaths deep
(d) she sits

7. What is necessary in order for the the gooseneck barnacle to reproduce?
(a) it must find water of an exact salinity
(b) it must find a wrecked ship not more than one-half mile down
(c) it must find a certain type of seaweed to cling to
(d) it must find any piece of debris to cling to in the middle of the ocean

8. In Chapter 13, the author is beginning to find a balance in her thinking about nature. What is that balance?
(a) a balance between believing nature to be good or evil
(b) a balance between believing nature to be for animals or humans
(c) a balance between believing nature to be either terrible or wonderful
(d) a balance between believing nature to be better than cities or not

9. In Chapter 13, Dillard is still obsessed about nature. In what way?
(a) against the seeming cruelty of nature
(b) about the rain and the sound of water
(c) about the beauty of an oak leaf
(d) about humans destroying nature

10. How did early man view locusts?
(a) as a plague sent by the devil
(b) as the harbringer of a natural disaster
(c) as a visitation from heaven
(d) locusts were thought to be a plague sent by God

11. In Chapter 9 Dillard is uneasy and hears what seems to be gunshots. What did she actually hear?
(a) a garbage truck backfiring
(b) a cap gun
(c) firecrackers
(d) a motorcycle

12. At the end of the book, Dillard walks with two words in her mind. What are they?
(a) life and death
(b) yes and no
(c) good and evil
(d) glory and amen

13. When do Eskimos hunt caribou?
(a) at the end of spring
(b) in the fall
(c) right before summer
(d) at the beginning of winter

14. How large might a root system for winter rye grass plant grow?
(a) a shallow system above ground spread for 15 acres
(b) 378 miles of roots and 6,000 miles of root hairs
(c) 65 miles of roots and 2,000 miles of root hairs
(d) one root that grows straight down for 100 yards

15. What does Dillard believe the flood shows about nature?
(a) nature can't be controlled
(b) nature doesn't like humans
(c) it's destructive
(d) the effusiveness of creation

Short Answer Questions

1. When moving towards a muskrat, how does one keep from scaring it?

2. When ancient Hebrews sacrificed an animal to their god, how did they use the horns?

3. What is the "Principle of Indeterminacy?"

4. When Richmond loses electricity Dillard says something happened at the governor's mansion. What?

5. What is the other type of poisonous snake besides the answer in #139, that lives around the creek area?

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