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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Thinking about God and nature, what does Dillard come to believe is possible?
(a) God was sleeping and messed up some of nature
(b) nature is a God unto itself
(c) nature has created God
(d) God has created much, if not all, of creation in jest

2. What does Dillard say happens the moment you are aware of the present?
(a) it becomes the past
(b) it freezes
(c) it no longer matters
(d) you lose it

3. When Dillard is looking at a stream, where does she look?
(a) at the water going over the rocks
(b) she always looks upstream
(c) in the center of the water
(d) on the north bank

4. What does Dillard believe about nature and change?
(a) nature does not change, or changes extremely slow
(b) nature changes quickly
(c) change in nature is sporatic and unpredictable
(d) nature is constantly changing

5. What is the literal act of seeing?
(a) watching for movement in the clouds
(b) using binoculars to see a great distance
(c) opening the eyes and looking straight ahead
(d) learning how to spot the different wildlife

6. How do mice reach the grain at the top of a stalk?
(a) they climb a tree and jump onto the stalk
(b) they climb the stalk on the back of other mice
(c) mice chew wheat stems piece by piece
(d) they wait for the farmer to cut the field

7. In Chapter 3, Dillard stalks a bird along the iced over creek. What kind of bird was it?
(a) duck
(b) coot
(c) blue jay
(d) robin

8. What does the author believe separates humans from their creator and humans from each other?
(a) indifference
(b) fear
(c) self-consciousness
(d) hate

9. How does Dillard think of Tinker Creek in the first chapter?
(a) as an anchor that keeps her steady in the current of life
(b) as a scary, mysterious place
(c) as a place that time forgot
(d) that she'd rather live somewhere else

10. What did Dillard do at one time about insects as a child?
(a) shooed them out of the house before her mother could kill them
(b) killed bugs with carbon tetrachloride and then pinned them on labeled boards
(c) catch fireflies in glass jars to watch them glow
(d) watched them in the grass with a magnifying glass

11. Dillard sees so much in the natural world which seems paradoxical. Why?
(a) because large trees would block the sun from smaller ones
(b) she saw beauty side by side with horrors
(c) because the same plant could heal you or kill you
(d) because half the day had sun, half did not

12. In Chapter 5 Dillard writes about finding a snake. What appeared peculiar about the snake?
(a) it was pure white
(b) it was tied in a knot
(c) it had two heads
(d) it had a outer and inner skin

13. What does Dillard suggest is a similarity between her and plankton?
(a) they both live in or near Tinker Creek
(b) they are both unaware of what they're doing
(c) they both live alone
(d) they both carry stuff on their back

14. Why are starlings hated in the Tinker Creek area?
(a) they are smelly, messy, and noisy
(b) they fly into houses and make nests
(c) they scare the children by flying around them
(d) they eat all the worms and leave the ground bare

15. What does Dillard say about humans and change?
(a) humans believe stability if good
(b) humans abhor statis
(c) humans believe change is necessary
(d) humans hate change

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Dillard see time?

2. What causes most insects' behavior?

3. How do praying mantises mate?

4. How long can a horsehair worm grow?

5. What is Dillard illustrating in her story about the Polyphemus moth from her childhood?

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