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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the author believe about acts of physical courage?
(a) they are energizing
(b) men do them more than women
(c) they are heroic
(d) they can tire you out

2. What does the animal in question #1 do to to get Dillard's attention?
(a) bats her leg with his paw
(b) jumps in through the open window and climbs on Dillard's chest
(c) knocks her glasses off onto the floor
(d) meows loudly

3. What did Dillard do at one time about insects as a child?
(a) catch fireflies in glass jars to watch them glow
(b) watched them in the grass with a magnifying glass
(c) killed bugs with carbon tetrachloride and then pinned them on labeled boards
(d) shooed them out of the house before her mother could kill them

4. How do blind people who suddenly gain sight usually see objects at first?
(a) as patches of colored light
(b) as black and white
(c) as bigger than they really are
(d) as all gray

5. When a scientist disrupted pine caterpillars' food trail, what happened?
(a) they turned around and followed their trail back home
(b) half of caterpillars made a new trail off to the right
(c) the caterpillars could not restart a new trail
(d) they stopped, and stayed still until they died

6. How do mice reach the grain at the top of a stalk?
(a) they climb the stalk on the back of other mice
(b) mice chew wheat stems piece by piece
(c) they wait for the farmer to cut the field
(d) they climb a tree and jump onto the stalk

7. How do humans insulate themselves from the present, according to the author?
(a) by wearing clothes appropriate to the weather
(b) by continuously reviewing images of the past and future in their minds
(c) by lying to themselves and others
(d) by blocking out the past

8. What does Dillard find out when she takes her first course in French?
(a) French sounds better than English
(b) it's more difficult than Spanish
(c) she has no aptitude for languages
(d) she realizes that she will have to learn French word by word

9. How does Dillard see time?
(a) as a maze of days
(b) as a continuous loop or an ascending spiral
(c) as an arrow through space
(d) as being too long when waiting

10. How does the author say one can obtain "unself-conscious state?"
(a) pure devotion to whatever one is doing at the moment
(b) through intense exercise
(c) through desperate illness
(d) through meditation

11. What is the analogy she draws between the snake skin and the seasons?
(a) seasons are a continuous loop, just as she thought the snakeskin was
(b) there is no analogy between snakes and seasons
(c) snakes move depending on the season
(d) snakes shed skins in accordance with the seasons

12. What does Dillard say about humans and change?
(a) humans abhor statis
(b) humans believe stability if good
(c) humans believe change is necessary
(d) humans hate change

13. How much of life which has ever been created, is living at the present time?
(a) around 45 percent
(b) about ten percent
(c) about half
(d) 80 percent of all life ever created still exist

14. What changes about the view around Dillard's home when winter comes?
(a) winter opens vistas around Dillard's home so she can see other homes
(b) the snow covered trees block her view of the creek
(c) nothing changes about the view
(d) the view looks stark and empty

15. What does Dillard believe is healing?
(a) soothing music
(b) white clouds in blue skies
(c) sunshine
(d) flowing water

Short Answer Questions

1. Why do the male praying mantis come near the female?

2. If you could watch the unfolding through time of every thing that ever existed on Earth, what does Dillard say you would see?

3. Who does Dillard think gravitates towards the field of botany?

4. When Dillard is looking at a stream, where does she look?

5. Where does Dillard makes a pilgrimage to every month?

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