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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 14, Section 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Dillard say about the muskrat fur?
(a) it's smelly when wet
(b) they are the most popular fur animal in North America
(c) it's thin and of little use
(d) it tends to be spotty

2. How does Dillard see time?
(a) as being too long when waiting
(b) as an arrow through space
(c) as a maze of days
(d) as a continuous loop or an ascending spiral

3. What does Dillard find out about muskrats and humans?
(a) they're both nocturnal
(b) they eat the same foods
(c) if a muskrat is aware of human's presence, it will not appear
(d) they both like water

4. What is Dillard illustrating in her story about the Polyphemus moth from her childhood?
(a) she has a good memory
(b) moths have to spread their weeks when born
(c) kids are cruel
(d) the indifference humans often exhibit towards the natural world

5. How does the author see the violence in the natural world?
(a) as a symbolic sacrifice
(b) as inevitable
(c) as something that needs changed
(d) as a mistake God made

Short Answer Questions

1. How did early man view locusts?

2. How does a young muskrat get fed?

3. In addition to form and texture, what does the author believe influences beauty?

4. How did the Romans use the horns of the altar?

5. What does she realize is the best way to quiet her mind?

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