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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 6, Section 1.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Dillard wrote, "the present is fleet." What did she mean by this statement?
(a) there is no present
(b) the present is the future
(c) the present is like a group of ships
(d) the present goes by so quick one can barely glimpse it

2. What does Dillard say can be as blinding as complete darkness?
(a) a full moon at midnight
(b) too much light
(c) a mind that is closed
(d) some camp lanterns

3. What is figurative seeing?
(a) closing the eyes and seeing another world
(b) watching the invisible
(c) seeing in dreams
(d) seeing with the inner eye and looking beyond outward appearances

4. At a ranch, Dillard drew a horse. It wasn't a good picture. Others who lived at the ranch drew great horses. Why?
(a) they loved horses
(b) they knew all the bones and muscles of a horse
(c) they were more artistic
(d) they had a lot of practice drawing horses

5. She claims the ability to see what is hidden is what?
(a) a special talent
(b) a piece of luck
(c) fate
(d) a gift

Short Answer Questions

1. How do praying mantises mate?

2. What does Dillard say hinders people from experiencing the now?

3. In Chapter 3, Dillard stalks a bird along the iced over creek. What kind of bird was it?

4. Generally, what will praying mantises eat?

5. What did Dillard do at one time about insects as a child?

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