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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 10, Section 1.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the author believe about the difference between abundant plant life and abundant insect life?
(a) the proliferation of plant life, does not disturb humans the way an overabundance of insects do
(b) abundant insect life is healthier for the earth
(c) insects will always outnumber plants
(d) plants would be more abundant without insects

2. If you remove the answer in question #86 from chlorophyll, you create a molecule of what?
(a) hemoglobin
(b) water
(c) carbon dioxide
(d) chlorine gas

3. Fecundity could be defined as:
(a) prolific in offspring
(b) always hungry
(c) a type of fat
(d) wasteful of resources

4. Why would Dillard say some trees are like body builders?
(a) they can hold up a lot of weight
(b) their body is so
(c) some trees are capable of splitting and lifting boulders weighing more than a ton
(d) they keep adding to their limbs,

5. In Chapter 3, Dillard stalks a bird along the iced over creek. What kind of bird was it?
(a) robin
(b) blue jay
(c) coot
(d) duck

Short Answer Questions

1. Dillard believes that "weather overlaps" which causes what?

2. How does Dillard believe the seeking of God takes place?

3. Chlorophyll has a single atom of what substance in the center?

4. How do honey bees survive the cold of winter?

5. How much of life which has ever been created, is living at the present time?

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