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Objective: Journal writing. Stream of consciousness. Therapist, psychoanalyst, religious counselors and many others advocate keeping a journal of one's life. Included in a journal might be stream of consciousness writings and thoughts that result from the stream. In psychology, psychoanalysis, a therapeutic technique invented by Freud, advocates the use of stream of consciousness whereby the patient speaks aloud what is going through his/her mind to the doctor. This lesson will look at journals and stream of consciousness.

1. Homework. Each student will kept a journal for one semester. The student should be required to write in it at least twice a week. The journal will be private and not turned in, though it will be shown superficially to the instructor for credit.

2. Homework. Students will research "stream of consciousness" especially as it deals with literature. Students will write a short paper on the findings. Included will be...

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