Pihkal: A Chemical Love Story Short Essay - Answer Key

Alexander Shulgin
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1. Describe Shura's family and friendships in his childhood.

Shura's father was a Russian immigrant, while his mother was from a small town in Illinois. Both were schoolteachers. As a child, Shura did not spend much time with children his own age. Shura played marbles with the them for a while, but eventually built his own marble run so he could play alone.

2. What were Shura's education plans following high school? How did they turn out?

Shura was extremely precocious and won a scholarship to Harvard at the age of sixteen, but joined the Navy during World War II because of poor grades. There Shura learned the power of drugs when given morphine for a bone infection in his thumb.

3. What did Shura do upon earning his degree in Chapter 1?

Shura married a woman named Helen and went to work for Dole Chemical Company. While researching the effects of psychedelic drugs on fish, his analytical chemist Burt accidentally ingested some LSD and had a fun trip.

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