Objects & Places from Pihkal: A Chemical Love Story

Alexander Shulgin
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The Farm

This is where Shura and (later) Alice live and is where Shura has his laboratory.

University of California at Berkeley

This is where Shura receives his PhD in biochemistry and later teaches a class in toxicology.

University of California Medical Center

This is where Alice works most of her life until she marries Shura.


Ursula and Dolph Biehls live in this place.


Shura takes a large dose of 2C-E in this place shortly after the death of his first wife Helen.

Dole Chemical Company

This is Shura's employer from the time he receives his PhD until the mid 1960s.


After the death of his mother, Shura takes his family on a cruise to this place and lives there for a time.


This is a city to which Shura and Alice travel for their honeymoon.

Close's Apartment

This is the site of the...

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