Pihkal: A Chemical Love Story Character Descriptions

Alexander Shulgin
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Shura Bordorin

This main character of the book narrates roughly half of the text. This character attends the University of California Berkeley and receives a PhD in biochemistry.

Alice Parr (Bordorin)

This character married a commercial artist at the age of nineteen and had her first son.

Ursula Biehls

This character is the primary love interest of the protagonist for the middle part of the book and is the wife of the protagonist's friend and colleague.

Helen Bordorin

This is the protagonist's first wife whom he marries in the late 1940s.

Sam Golding

This character is a member of the protagonist's research group in the 1950s while studying to become a psychiatrist.

Dolph Biehls

This character resides in Germany and is a good friend and colleague of the protagonist even after the protagonist begins having an affair with his wife.

Adam Fisher

This character is an elderly psychologist...

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