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Short Answer Questions

1. Why does the motel management give Alice and family a hard time when they are checking out?

2. What beverage does Gundi offer to Jax during their discussion?

3. In what state is the Cherokee tribe that Cash Stillwater belongs to?

4. Where does Alice hear about Turtle's rescue of the man?

5. What does Annawake Fourkiller do for a living?

Short Essay Questions

1. How do the producers of the Oprah show treat Taylor and Turtle before the show is recorded?

2. What recommendation does Annawake make to the court in regards to Turtle's custody?

3. Why does Alice begin to feel romantically attracted to Cash Stillwater?

4. How does Turtle respond to life on the run?

5. At the opening of the novel, what is the state of Alice and Harland's marriage?

6. What happens to Gabriel Fourkiller after he leaves school?

7. What is the true story of Turtle's adoption, according to Jax?

8. What interesting thing does Taylor say during the confrontation that shocks Annawake?

9. How does Sugar explain the Trail of Tears to Alice?

10. While vacationing at the Hoover Dam, what does Turtle see that prompts her mother to notify authorities?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Throughout the novel, both Taylor and Annawake clash over what is best for Turtle's future. Explain the arguments that both women had for Turtle's custody, and then explain how it was actually two cultures, rather than two women, fighting for the best of the child.

Essay Topic 2

The varying forms of relationship status in romantic relationships becomes a large theme in the novel. Explain how definition in Taylor's relationship with Jax, and Alice's relationship with Cash changed during the course of Turtle's custody battle, and why those changes were important to the fight they all were partaking in.

Essay Topic 3

The luck of the Native American people comes to the forefront of the novel, as the tribe believes in luck as a driving force to their survival. Explain the ways that the Native American tribe portrayed in this novel can be seen as both a lucky and an unlucky tribe of people.

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