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Short Answer Questions

1. What article of clothing does Barbie lug around with her everywhere?

2. Why does the motel management give Alice and family a hard time when they are checking out?

3. At the coffee shop, what is the couple next to Taylor arguing about?

4. After Lou Anne leaves his house, what animal does Jax see snatch dove eggs from the nest?

5. What is the name of the constellation that Jax tells Annawake about?

Short Essay Questions

1. What recommendation does Annawake make to the court in regards to Turtle's custody?

2. What is the response to the stolen silver dollars that Alice finds in Barbie's purse?

3. Where are Turtle and Jax when Annawake arrives on Taylor's property for the first time?

4. Why is Taylor fastening a boom box into a tree when Annawake arrives on her property?

5. How does Alice feel during the stomp dance?

6. How does Alice feel in the moments before Cash comes to pick her up for their date?

7. What evidence does Annawake have that Turtle's adoption is not legal?

8. What is the true story of Turtle's adoption, according to Jax?

9. Why does Turtle request to return to the Hoover Dam, and what does that request signal to Taylor?

10. What reference does Turtle make to "The Wizard of Oz" after leaving the free clinic?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

At the end of the novel, Annawake proposes a solution that will hopefully keep all parties happy, and will keep Turtle's best interests at heart. Explain what Annawake's solution for the fight over Turtle's custody was, and then explain how that decision affected the lives of the main characters in the novel.

Essay Topic 2

The Trail of Tears proved to be an important historical moment in the novel. Explain what happened during the Trail of Tears, and how this moment in history directly affected Turtle's story.

Essay Topic 3

Throughout the novel, the symbolism of pigs is used in various forms. Choose two examples in which pigs are used as symbols in the novel and explain how those symbols reflected the larger themes presented in Turtle's story.

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