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Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Foster Greer?

2. Which of the following words best describes Turtle's emotional state at the time of the run?

3. What is Turtle's favorite fruit?

4. Where is Taylor's adoption of Turtle witnessed in the court papers?

5. To what does Jax compare the knowledge of his affair with Gundi?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Sugar explain the Trail of Tears to Alice?

2. How does Alice respond to Jax's worry that Taylor does not truly love him?

3. How does Alice feel in the moments before Cash comes to pick her up for their date?

4. While vacationing at the Hoover Dam, what does Turtle see that prompts her mother to notify authorities?

5. How do the producers of the Oprah show treat Taylor and Turtle before the show is recorded?

6. What does Cash tell Alice about boarding schools while they are on their date?

7. What recommendation does Annawake make to the court in regards to Turtle's custody?

8. How do both Jax and Gundi respond to each other after they have committed their affair?

9. In what way do Alice and Annawake work together in the retelling of the story of the Pigs in Heaven?

10. What is the significance of the photo cube that Taylor keeps in her dingy apartment in Seattle?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

Throughout the novel, both Taylor and Annawake clash over what is best for Turtle's future. Explain the arguments that both women had for Turtle's custody, and then explain how it was actually two cultures, rather than two women, fighting for the best of the child.

Essay Topic 2

In the novel, there are three single mothers whose characters are explored. Briefly describe the three single mothers in the text and compare / contrast their mothering skills. What message do you think Kingsolver is sending to the reader about the love of a single mother?

Essay Topic 3

Turtle often associates her fears with horses. Describe a moment when Turtle remembers horses as linked to her childhood at the Indian reservation, and then explain how the imagery of horses expanded, and was used in connection to Annawake and her search for Taylor and Turtle.

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