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Short Answer Questions

1. What tourist purchase does Cash Stillwater make for a living?

2. Where does Alice hear about Turtle's rescue of the man?

3. While they are on the run, where does Turtle request to stop and visit?

4. In what state is the Cherokee tribe that Cash Stillwater belongs to?

5. What type of art form surrounds Gundi's apartment?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Turtle respond to life on the run?

2. What happens to Gabriel Fourkiller after he leaves school?

3. What does Barbie know about the doll that she was named after?

4. What happens when Alice and family are leaving the Delta Queen Casino Hotel for some breakfast?

5. Why does Taylor call her mother, Alice, to visit?

6. What decisions do Alice and Taylor make about their lives after their confrontation with Annawake?

7. Why does Alice begin to feel romantically attracted to Cash Stillwater?

8. What startling news does Alice hear while she is attending the stomp dance with Cash?

9. What happens to Cash Stillwater's family before he decides to move to Jackson Hole?

10. What does Taylor do for work now that Barbie has gone missing?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Throughout the novel, both Taylor and Annawake clash over what is best for Turtle's future. Explain the arguments that both women had for Turtle's custody, and then explain how it was actually two cultures, rather than two women, fighting for the best of the child.

Essay Topic 2

Family structure proves to be a large theme in the novel, particularly when Turtle is asked by the courts to describe her own family. Compare / contrast the family structure present in the Cherokee tribe with the family structure that Turtle was raised in. Then, explain how Turtle's answer regarding her family prompted change among those who listened to her speak.

Essay Topic 3

All of the women in the novel who are on the run do so without the support of men in their lives. Choose two women who are on the run, and explain why they choose to live their lives without men. Do you think the author includes this intentionally in the book as a motif of feminine strength?

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