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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Alice hear about Turtle's rescue of the man?
(a) In the newspapers.
(b) On the radio.
(c) Through a phone call.
(d) On the television.

2. Which of the following emotions best reflects Gundi's attitude toward Jax after he reads Annawake's letter?
(a) Enraged.
(b) Sympathetic.
(c) Confrontational.
(d) Sarcastic.

3. When does Turtle say that a turtle lets go after it has bitten you?
(a) "When it dies".
(b) "When it loses strength".
(c) "When it thunders".
(d) "When it rains".

4. Whose idea is it for Barbie to travel with the family?
(a) Turtle's.
(b) Taylor's.
(c) Barbie's.
(d) Alice's.

5. In Annawake's story, what are the six naughty Indian boys turned into when they don't do their ceremonial chores?
(a) Donkeys.
(b) Rats.
(c) Spiders.
(d) Pigs.

6. On the day that Cash returns home, who does Annawake find curled up under her quilt?
(a) Her nephew.
(b) Her son.
(c) Her niece.
(d) Her daughter.

7. What animal has the town council in Jackson Hole decided to shoot for not being native to the area?
(a) Bald eagles.
(b) Pigeons.
(c) Koi fish.
(d) Rats.

8. After Lou Anne leaves his house, what animal does Jax see snatch dove eggs from the nest?
(a) A snake.
(b) A coyote.
(c) A fox.
(d) A raccoon.

9. How does Jax feel about Taylor after she goes on the run with Turtle?
(a) He wants to marry her.
(b) He wants to leave her.
(c) He is angry with her for leaving him.
(d) He is ambivalent toward her.

10. As Cash is driving back home to his tribe, what type of song is he listening to on the radio?
(a) A classic concierto.
(b) A saxophone jazz.
(c) A romantic song.
(d) A depressing blues song.

11. What does Annawake Fourkiller do for a living?
(a) She is a doctor.
(b) She is a teacher.
(c) She is a lawyer.
(d) She is a journalist.

12. Which talk show phones Turtle seeking an interview?
(a) The Geraldo Rivera Show.
(b) The Oprah Winfrey Show.
(c) The Donahue Show.
(d) The Sally Jesse Raphael Show.

13. When Annawake arrives at Taylor's house, where is Turtle?
(a) Hiding under the porch.
(b) At a friend's house.
(c) At the zoo.
(d) At school.

14. Who tells Annawake the true story of Turtle's adoption?
(a) Turtle.
(b) Jax.
(c) Alice.
(d) Taylor.

15. How long does Taylor say that it took her to adopt Turtle?
(a) They are still in the adoption process.
(b) One year.
(c) Taylor says that she never legally adopted Turtle.
(d) Five years.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Jax read the registered letter to upon its arrival?

2. Where are Turtle's adoption papers drawn up?

3. How does Gundi respond to Jax's insistence that he must tell Taylor about their affair?

4. What famous doll does the waitress at the coffee shop collect?

5. When does Annawake promise to return to see Taylor and Turtle?

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