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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the name of the town where Alice's cousin, Sugar, lives?
(a) Oasis.
(b) Hell.
(c) Nirvana.
(d) Heaven.

2. As the women are driving away from Vegas, where does Alice read stories from to pass the time?
(a) From financial newspapers.
(b) From the Bible.
(c) From Turtle's fairy tale collection.
(d) From tabloid magazines.

3. What does Buster's mother, Angela, do for a living?
(a) She runs a diner.
(b) She runs a magazine.
(c) She runs a laundry mat.
(d) She runs a hotel.

4. What type of art form surrounds Gundi's apartment?
(a) Paintings.
(b) Photographs.
(c) Sketchings.
(d) Sculptures.

5. What color t-shirt is Taylor wearing when she joins her mother at the breakfast house?
(a) Pink.
(b) Black.
(c) Green.
(d) Blue.

6. Why does Annawake argue that Taylor should be returned to her native tribe?
(a) Because her parents desperately want her back.
(b) So that she can experience her native culture.
(c) Because she has a scholarship from her native school.
(d) Because Annawake wants to adopt Turtle for herself.

7. What beverage does Gundi offer to Jax during their discussion?
(a) Beet juice.
(b) Wheat beer.
(c) Saki.
(d) Rice wine.

8. Whose idea is it for Barbie to travel with the family?
(a) Alice's.
(b) Barbie's.
(c) Turtle's.
(d) Taylor's.

9. How many brothers does Annawake Fourkiller have?
(a) Three.
(b) Seven.
(c) Five.
(d) One.

10. Which of the following is NOT one of Taylor's arguments against Turtle's native tribe?
(a) That no one in the tribe wanted Turtle.
(b) That they let Turtle fall through the cracks.
(c) That they sold her to Taylor for a profit.
(d) That they sexually abused Turtle.

11. What color are the cushions in Gundi's apartment?
(a) Fuschia.
(b) Gold.
(c) Turquoise.
(d) Magenta.

12. What race of people are hired by Taylor to act as Cherokee Indians?
(a) Guatemalans.
(b) Brazilians.
(c) Mexicans.
(d) Peruvians.

13. What television station does Harold watch religiously?
(a) The world news station.
(b) The music video station.
(c) The sports station.
(d) The home shopping station.

14. How does Taylor respond to Turtle's emotional state at the time of the run?
(a) She talks with her endlessly.
(b) She cries alongside her daugher.
(c) She ignores her.
(d) She slaps her across the face.

15. What famous doll does the waitress at the coffee shop collect?
(a) Barbie.
(b) Rainbrow Brite.
(c) Cabbage Patch.
(d) Raggedy Anne.

Short Answer Questions

1. After checking out of the hotel, what do Alice, Taylor, and Turtle eat for breakfast when they encounter Barbie?

2. What does Annawake Fourkiller do for a living?

3. To what does Jax compare the knowledge of his affair with Gundi?

4. Where does Barbie store her purse while she sleeps?

5. How does Jax feel about Taylor after she goes on the run with Turtle?

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