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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What beverage do Jax and Annawake drink together while looking at the stars?
(a) Water.
(b) Beer.
(c) Iced Tea.
(d) Lemonade.

2. When does Turtle say that a turtle lets go after it has bitten you?
(a) "When it loses strength".
(b) "When it rains".
(c) "When it dies".
(d) "When it thunders".

3. What part of Gundi's house does she offer for Jax to relax?
(a) The futon.
(b) The bathtub.
(c) The tire swing.
(d) The hammock.

4. When Annawake arrives at Taylor's house, where is Turtle?
(a) At the zoo.
(b) At a friend's house.
(c) Hiding under the porch.
(d) At school.

5. What beverage does Gundi offer to Jax during their discussion?
(a) Saki.
(b) Wheat beer.
(c) Rice wine.
(d) Beet juice.

6. Where does Barbie store her purse while she sleeps?
(a) In the safety deposit box.
(b) Under the mattress.
(c) Under her pillow.
(d) In the trunk of the car.

7. What is Turtle's racial heritage?
(a) She is Asian American.
(b) She is Latin American.
(c) She is Native American.
(d) She is African American.

8. How does Jax feel about Taylor after she goes on the run with Turtle?
(a) He is angry with her for leaving him.
(b) He wants to marry her.
(c) He wants to leave her.
(d) He is ambivalent toward her.

9. How old is Annawake Fourkiller when her twin brother is adopted to a white family?
(a) Seven.
(b) Six-months-old.
(c) Ten.
(d) Five.

10. Which of the following words best describes Turtle's emotional state at the time of the run?
(a) Catatonic.
(b) Hysterical.
(c) Amused.
(d) Apathetic.

11. Why does Barbie lose her job at the coffee shop?
(a) For stealing from the tip jar.
(b) For ringing in too many wrong orders.
(c) For dropping a plate of spaghetti in a customer's lap.
(d) For spending too much time talking.

12. What is Gundi famous for in her neighborhood?
(a) Running around naked.
(b) Her chocolate chip muffins.
(c) Stealing tools from her neighbors.
(d) Giving candy to children.

13. In Annawake's story, what are the six naughty Indian boys turned into when they don't do their ceremonial chores?
(a) Donkeys.
(b) Rats.
(c) Pigs.
(d) Spiders.

14. What type of art form surrounds Gundi's apartment?
(a) Sketchings.
(b) Photographs.
(c) Paintings.
(d) Sculptures.

15. Why does Franklin give Annawake permission to track down Turtle?
(a) Because he wanted Annawake out of the office.
(b) Because he believes that Taylor stole Turtle.
(c) Because he believes that every child should have the experience of Indian life.
(d) Because he believes that Turtle is in an unsafe home.

Short Answer Questions

1. For how long are the men in Alice's story marooned off the coast of Florida?

2. What does Alice discover stored in Barbie's purse?

3. How will the Cherokee tribe celebrate Cash Stillwater's return?

4. How does Alice respond to hearing Annawake's letter read to her over the phone?

5. Where does Jax find it easiest to write songs?

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