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Short Answer Questions

1. Lorraine says that John's father is proud of ripping off:

2. After their first face to face meeting with Mr. Pignati, why does John feel that he and Lorraine should accompany the man to the zoo?

3. What does John say happens to all the people who work with his father?

4. Lorraine is concerned that John ___________.

5. Lorraine explains that John tells lies because of his what?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Lorraine feel a sense of compassion for her mother?

2. Why does John's father stop drinking?

3. What does Mr. Pignati purchase for Lorraine and John at Beekman's?

4. After the wild party at Mr. Pignati's house, how do John and Lorraine try to make their amends to their elderly friend?

5. Describe telephone marathon, the game John and Lorraine play with a couple of their friends.

6. Describe Lorraine's relationship with her mother.

7. How do John and Lorraine discover that Mrs. Pignati passes away?

8. How does John feel about the way the world treats older people?

9. Explain how John and Lorraine end up having their first kiss.

10. What brings about Mr. Pignati's death?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

Compare and contrast John's relationship with his father and his friendship with Mr. Pignati.

1. What internal or external conflicts does each relationship create?

2. How does John deal with these conflicts?

3. What lessons does each relationship teach John?

Essay Topic 2

John wants to be an actor, and Lorraine wants to be a writer. Explain how their personalities and views on life reinforce their career choices.

Essay Topic 3

Describe John's relationship with his parents and Lorraine's relationship with her mother.

1. How do these characters' parents complicate their lives?

2. Why do you feel John and Lorraine are so misunderstood by their parents? How do these misunderstandings shape how they behave and how they view themselves?

3. How does Mr. Pignati and his home represent a sanctuary or refuge for Lorraine and John? Support your answers with specific examples from the book.

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