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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After John and Lorraine make their confession to Mr. Pignati, how does he react?
(a) He laughs and tells them to not worry about it.
(b) He cries and asks if they enjoy being cruel.
(c) He looks sad and talks about Conchetta.
(d) He ignores their words and cheerfully talks about Bobo.

2. Why does Lorraine justify the fact that her mother picks on her?
(a) She sees herself as an overly needy teen.
(b) Her mother has a hard life.
(c) She gives her mother grief.
(d) Her mother is abandoned by four husbands.

3. Why is Norton upset when he arrives at the party?
(a) He's grounded.
(b) He isn't invited.
(c) His girlfriend breaks up with him.
(d) He likes Lorraine but she doesn't like him.

4. Are John and Lorraine allowed to have parties in their own homes?
(a) No.
(b) Only John is allowed.
(c) Sometimes.
(d) Only Lorraine is allowed.

5. Mr. Pignati tells John and Lorraine that his wife enjoys shopping for what at Beekman's department store?
(a) Imported cookware.
(b) Fancy food.
(c) Imported wine.
(d) Fancy dresses.

6. What is Norton well known for?
(a) Repeating sixth grade.
(b) Getting beat up.
(c) Crying.
(d) Shoplifting.

7. When they are alone in Mr. Pignati's house, John looks around to see:
(a) How much beer and wine he can find.
(b) What it's like to live there full-time.
(c) The many photos of Mr. Pignati's relatives.
(d) If he can find any money lying around.

8. Following the party, what is Lorraine still wearing after arriving at her own home?
(a) A toga.
(b) A red party hat.
(c) John's sweater.
(d) Mrs. Pignati's ruffled dress.

9. Does John genuinely believe that Mr. Pignati wants them to have a party?
(a) Yes.
(b) He's not quite sure.
(c) He doesn't care what Mr. Pignati wants.
(d) No.

10. What game are Mr. Pignati, John, and Lorraine playing as they roller skate inside Mr. Pignati's house?
(a) Truth or dare.
(b) Tag.
(c) Simon says.
(d) Space invaders.

11. When Mr. Pignati is at the hospital, what does Lorraine confess to John?
(a) She pushs Mr. Pignati.
(b) Her mom hates John.
(c) She loves John.
(d) Her mom knows about their visits to Mr. Pignati.

12. As John explores the house, while Mr. Pignati is at the hospital, Lorraine asks what he's doing. What does he reply?
(a) He wants to invite some friends over.
(b) He wants to see what they can get Mr. Pignati that he doesn't already have.
(c) He wonders who all the people in the photos are.
(d) He's wondering how Mr. Pignati can afford such a nice place.

13. While Mr. Pignati is recovering at the hospital, Lorraine chides John for _____.
(a) Liking too many girls.
(b) Smoking too much.
(c) Tracking mud through Mr. Pignati's house.
(d) Not taking out the trash.

14. Lorraine sees a crazy woman talking to herself and hears her saying that _____.
(a) Zombies are after her.
(b) Aliens are here.
(c) Death is coming.
(d) The flood is imminent.

15. After coming and going from Mr. Pignati's house, while he's at the hospital, Lorraine and John begin to what?
(a) Write a letter to Mr. Pignati.
(b) Get on each other's nerves.
(c) Wonder if Mr. Pignati's ever coming home.
(d) Steal the old man's pigs.

Short Answer Questions

1. After the party breaks up, who takes Lorraine and John home?

2. Who gets John to start drinking beer?

3. Following Lorraine's heart to heart talk with her mother in the kitchen, the teen feels that_____.

4. Lorraine treasures a picture she has of _____.

5. After Mr. Pignati tells John and Lorraine a complicated story, they are instructed to write down the order in which they think that _____.

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