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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After the party breaks up, who takes Lorraine and John home?
(a) The taxi driver.
(b) Mr. Pignati.
(c) The police.
(d) John's brother.

2. After John and Lorraine make their confession to Mr. Pignati, how does he react?
(a) He cries and asks if they enjoy being cruel.
(b) He laughs and tells them to not worry about it.
(c) He looks sad and talks about Conchetta.
(d) He ignores their words and cheerfully talks about Bobo.

3. With Mr. Pignati at the hospital and John and Lorraine having dinner at Mr. Pignati's house, the pair drinks a toast to _____.
(a) Young love.
(b) Their parents.
(c) The Pigman.
(d) Frivolity.

4. What does Lorraine think about John's idea for a party at Mr. Pignati's house?
(a) It's wonderful.
(b) She's distracted by the phone ringing.
(c) It's crazy.
(d) She's indifferent.

5. Why does Lorraine justify the fact that her mother picks on her?
(a) Her mother is abandoned by four husbands.
(b) She sees herself as an overly needy teen.
(c) She gives her mother grief.
(d) Her mother has a hard life.

6. What does John tell Lorraine about the party he's planning at Mr. Pignati's house?
(a) A party cheers everyone up.
(b) The Pigman wants them to have fun.
(c) The Pigman tells him to throw a party.
(d) It's their only chance for a party away from their parents.

7. Who shows up to John's and Lorraine's party in a taxi cab?
(a) Mrs. Pignati.
(b) Mr. Pignati.
(c) Lorraine's mother.
(d) John's mother.

8. On a snowy night, what do John and Lorraine confess to Mr. Pignati?
(a) They're the ones who ring his doorbell and run away.
(b) They suspect him of killing his wife.
(c) At first they are terrified of him.
(d) They don't work for a charity.

9. What happens after John calls the police from Mr. Pignati's house?
(a) An ambulance takes Mr. Pignati to the hospital.
(b) Lorraine's mother arrives at the scene.
(c) The robbers flee.
(d) Mr. Pignati regains consciousness.

10. When they are alone in Mr. Pignati's house, John looks around to see:
(a) What it's like to live there full-time.
(b) If he can find any money lying around.
(c) The many photos of Mr. Pignati's relatives.
(d) How much beer and wine he can find.

11. Why is Norton upset when he arrives at the party?
(a) His girlfriend breaks up with him.
(b) He isn't invited.
(c) He's grounded.
(d) He likes Lorraine but she doesn't like him.

12. What happens after Lorraine scolds John for running up the stairs with roller skates?
(a) They yell at each other and then comfort one another.
(b) He bursts out of the house in anger.
(c) The police officer starts to ask them questions.
(d) She feels badly and apologizes profusely.

13. After visiting Mr. Pignati at the hospital, John goes back to the old man's place, tries on his clothes, and pretends to be a what?
(a) Police officer.
(b) Distinguished businessman.
(c) Famous explorer.
(d) Very old man.

14. Are John and Lorraine allowed to have parties in their own homes?
(a) No.
(b) Only John is allowed.
(c) Only Lorraine is allowed.
(d) Sometimes.

15. Why does John not invite a particular person to the party?
(a) He knows this person tells his parents.
(b) John doesn't trust him.
(c) Lorraine doesn't like her.
(d) He used to date her.

Short Answer Questions

1. In good spirits after seeing Mr. Pignati doing better at the hospital, Lorraine and John are back at his place playing:

2. The Pigman differs from John's parents in that he _____.

3. Who shows up to John's and Lorraine's party?

4. Mr. Pignati's situation reminds Lorraine of _____.

5. While Mr. Pignati is recovering at the hospital, what do John and Lorraine do?

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