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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Mr. Pignati is at the hospital, what does Lorraine confess to John?
(a) Her mom hates John.
(b) Her mom knows about their visits to Mr. Pignati.
(c) She pushs Mr. Pignati.
(d) She loves John.

2. What does Mr. Pignati buy at the department store for both Lorraine and John?
(a) Beach balls.
(b) Chocolate truffles.
(c) Gingerbread cookies.
(d) Roller skates.

3. The complicated game that John and Lorraine play with Mr. Pignati turns out to be a psychological one, with their answers equating to what?
(a) The one thing the player fears most.
(b) Each player's truest wish.
(c) Whatever is on each player's mind at the moment.
(d) That which each player finds most important in his or her life.

4. After coming and going from Mr. Pignati's house, while he's at the hospital, Lorraine and John begin to what?
(a) Wonder if Mr. Pignati's ever coming home.
(b) Get on each other's nerves.
(c) Steal the old man's pigs.
(d) Write a letter to Mr. Pignati.

5. After John and Lorraine go back to Mr. Pignati's house, while he remains in the hospital, what does Lorraine do?
(a) Draws a picture.
(b) Cooks dinner.
(c) Throws away the skates.
(d) Sobs uncontrollably.

6. What do John, Lorraine, and Mr. Pignati ride to the monkey house?
(a) Zoo train.
(b) City bus.
(c) Taxi cab.
(d) Subway.

7. As John explores the house, while Mr. Pignati is at the hospital, Lorraine asks what he's doing. What does he reply?
(a) He wants to invite some friends over.
(b) He's wondering how Mr. Pignati can afford such a nice place.
(c) He wants to see what they can get Mr. Pignati that he doesn't already have.
(d) He wonders who all the people in the photos are.

8. Norton gains notoriety when he gets caught stealing what?
(a) The teacher's purse.
(b) Tissue boxes.
(c) Blue crayons.
(d) A bag of marshmallows.

9. En route to Beekman's Department Store with John and Mr. Pignati, Lorraine sees what?
(a) More omens.
(b) A shooting star.
(c) A parade.
(d) A band of hippies.

10. John and Lorraine conclude that Mr. Pignati is happy when _____.
(a) They tickle him.
(b) They are allowed to have fun.
(c) He takes a walk along the river.
(d) He's listening to old records.

11. When Lorraine and John visit Mr. Pignati at the hospital, what does he ask of them?
(a) To stop by the zoo and see Bobo.
(b) That they remember to be respectful to their parents.
(c) That they study hard and keep their grades up.
(d) To throw away his pair of roller skates.

12. When John and Lorraine are alone in Mr. Pignati's place, what does John ask for?
(a) An explanation.
(b) A kiss.
(c) An answer.
(d) A date.

13. Why does Lorraine justify the fact that her mother picks on her?
(a) She gives her mother grief.
(b) She sees herself as an overly needy teen.
(c) Her mother is abandoned by four husbands.
(d) Her mother has a hard life.

14. When John and Lorraine skip school to visit Mr. Pignati at the hospital, the old man is _____.
(a) Dazed and confused.
(b) Happy to see them.
(c) Fast asleep.
(d) In poor spirits.

15. What happens to Mr. Pignati once he learns that Bobo dies of pneumonia?
(a) He chokes on a peanut and loses consciousness.
(b) He is struck by grief and dies.
(c) He tells the kids he never wants to see them again.
(d) He walks away in stunned silence.

Short Answer Questions

1. Mr. Pignati tells John and Lorraine that his wife enjoys shopping for what at Beekman's department store?

2. What do John and Lorraine have plenty of at their party?

3. What is Norton well known for?

4. What do John and Lorraine do for music at the party?

5. What does Lorraine conclude is the strongest thing in the world?

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