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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. John says that Lorraine becomes what?
(a) Teacher.
(b) Physicist.
(c) Writer.
(d) Dancer.

2. What is one thing that John says he likes about Mr. Pignati?
(a) He doesn't try to be something he isn't.
(b) He is very patient with children.
(c) He can juggle five objects at a time.
(d) He teaches John how to make pancakes.

3. At the zoo, Lorraine observes a series of bad omens including an attack by a _____.
(a) Seagull.
(b) Lemur.
(c) Peacock.
(d) Monkey.

4. When Lorraine first calls Mr. Pignati, she tells him that she's doing what?
(a) Calling him on a dare.
(b) Looking for her lost cat.
(c) Conducting a survey.
(d) Soliciting funds.

5. What does Lorraine see in the middle of Miss Stewart's living room?
(a) A trampoline.
(b) A small printing press.
(c) Her sick mother's bed.
(d) Her neighbor's missing motorcycle.

6. Lorraine figures that Miss Stewart does what?
(a) Joins the circus.
(b) Becomes an old maid.
(c) Gets arrested.
(d) Loses her job.

7. During her first phone conversation with Mr. Pignati, Lorraine starts to laugh. What does Mr. Pignati do?
(a) Asks her to share the joke with him.
(b) Hangs up.
(c) Asks to speak with her manager.
(d) Says she has a lovely laugh.

8. As a freshman, John is known for orchestrating childish pranks and even has the nickname of the ________.
(a) Freshman Trickster.
(b) Teacher Terrorizer.
(c) Bathroom Bomber.
(d) Classroom Prankster.

9. What does John's father do for a living?
(a) Commodities trader.
(b) High-level attorney.
(c) Accountant.
(d) Architect.

10. Mr. Pignati says that Bobo is ______.
(a) His wife's favorite animal at the zoo.
(b) His best friend.
(c) The most beautiful animal at the zoo.
(d) His favorite zoo dweller.

11. What oath do friends John and Lorraine make at the beginning of the book regarding Mr. Pignati?
(a) Record his story.
(b) Take a picture of him.
(c) Keep his secret safe.
(d) Hide and protect him.

12. John says that Miss King tries to what?
(a) Trick students.
(b) Spy on him.
(c) Act tough.
(d) Be hip.

13. While his parents criticize him for not being more like his brother Kenneth, John blames his latest prank on _____.
(a) Their uptight attitude.
(b) It being Friday the thirteenth.
(c) The phase of the moon.
(d) The ghost of his aunt.

14. What does John's father say to him about his brother Kenneth?
(a) Kenneth is struggling with a drug addiction.
(b) The two brothers could be twins, if not for their age difference.
(c) Kenneth is thinking of joining the army.
(d) The two brothers are nothing alike.

15. In Chapter Three, John gives the impression that he and Lorraine:
(a) Have absolutely nothing to do with Mr. Pignati's disappearance.
(b) Feel that if they never met Mr. Pignati, he would still be alive.
(c) Feel somewhat responsible for Mr. Pignati's death, but also feel it is inevitable.
(d) Are practically confessing to killing Mr. Pignati.

Short Answer Questions

1. While looking around Mr. Pignati's house, John finds a closet full of what?

2. After the zoo trip, John considers Mr. Pignati to be_____.

3. What does Lorraine say about John's hostility?

4. While Lorraine talks to Mr. Pignati by phone, what does John do?

5. After their first face to face meeting with Mr. Pignati, why does John feel that he and Lorraine should accompany the man to the zoo?

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