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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After their first face to face meeting with Mr. Pignati, why does John feel that he and Lorraine should accompany the man to the zoo?
(a) To keep him from getting lost again.
(b) To pay him back for the money he gives them.
(c) To get to know the man better.
(d) To see what the man does there.

2. Lorraine talks about an entire book report John writes based on just ______.
(a) The title.
(b) What he hears about the book.
(c) The back cover.
(d) One page of the book.

3. When Lorraine and John start to mimic the apes at the zoo, she says she's surprised that Mr. Pignati does what?
(a) Starts to cry.
(b) Scolds them.
(c) Starts dancing.
(d) Joins them.

4. Lorraine says that John's father is proud of ripping off:
(a) His secretary.
(b) The electric company.
(c) His own son.
(d) The insurance company.

5. Who is Miss Reillen?
(a) Bag lady.
(b) Kindergarten teacher.
(c) Librarian.
(d) Food server.

6. What oath do friends John and Lorraine make at the beginning of the book regarding Mr. Pignati?
(a) Keep his secret safe.
(b) Record his story.
(c) Take a picture of him.
(d) Hide and protect him.

7. What excuse does John give for not telling Norton and Dennis that Mr. Pignati wants to donate ten dollars to Lorraine's fake charity?
(a) He wants them to go home and leave them alone.
(b) He doesn't want to be scolded by them.
(c) He doesn't want them taking advantage of the old man.
(d) He doesn't think it is any of their concern.

8. When Lorraine asks about an old photograph of Mrs. Pignati, what does Mr. Pignati do?
(a) Tells her to leave his stuff alone.
(b) Cries for five minutes.
(c) Asks her to put it away.
(d) Tears up a bit.

9. What deal does Lorraine's mother have with a local undertaker?
(a) They bet on which patient is the next to pass away.
(b) He gives her jewelry he takes from the deceased, she sells it, and they split the profits.
(c) He gives her ten dollars whenever she sends business his way.
(d) She gives him free drugs and he gives her free flowers.

10. John and Lorraine describe their book as what?
(a) Fantastic voyage.
(b) Epic mystery.
(c) Memorial epic.
(d) Fantastic bestseller.

11. Why does Lorraine listen to Mr. Pignati's jokes over the phone?
(a) She can tell he's a lonely old man.
(b) She needs new jokes for a story she's writing.
(c) She's afraid that if she doesn't, he'll tell her mother what she does.
(d) The object of the game is to keep the other person on the line as long as possible.

12. What does John's father say to him about his brother Kenneth?
(a) Kenneth is struggling with a drug addiction.
(b) Kenneth is thinking of joining the army.
(c) The two brothers are nothing alike.
(d) The two brothers could be twins, if not for their age difference.

13. What does Lorraine see in the middle of Miss Stewart's living room?
(a) A trampoline.
(b) Her neighbor's missing motorcycle.
(c) A small printing press.
(d) Her sick mother's bed.

14. What is one thing that John says he likes about Mr. Pignati?
(a) He doesn't try to be something he isn't.
(b) He can juggle five objects at a time.
(c) He teaches John how to make pancakes.
(d) He is very patient with children.

15. When Lorraine's mother tells her to skip school the next day to help her clean their house, the teen says what?
(a) She's giving a class presentation.
(b) She has an archaeology report due.
(c) She hates housecleaning.
(d) She has a test in Latin.

Short Answer Questions

1. While looking around Mr. Pignati's house, John finds a closet full of what?

2. Miss King is one of John's what?

3. What does Lorraine say is the big difference between her and John?

4. When he is in ninth grade, John likes to harass substitute teachers by rolling what across the floor?

5. In Chapter Three, John tells us that Mr. Pignati calls John and Lorraine what?

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