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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Kenneth is how many years older than John?
(a) Five.
(b) One.
(c) Eleven.
(d) Eight.

2. Miss King is one of John's what?
(a) Friends.
(b) Teachers.
(c) Neighbors.
(d) Relatives.

3. The Pigman recounts the friendship between two sophomores and their _____________.
(a) Supportive teachers.
(b) Beloved parents.
(c) Baboon friend.
(d) Adult friend.

4. Why do John and Lorraine start referring to Mr. Pignati as "the Pigman"?
(a) His name and his collection of pigs.
(b) His name and his appearance.
(c) His messy house and his pink nose.
(d) His messy house and his appearance.

5. When Lorraine asks about an old photograph of Mrs. Pignati, what does Mr. Pignati do?
(a) Tears up a bit.
(b) Tells her to leave his stuff alone.
(c) Asks her to put it away.
(d) Cries for five minutes.

6. What does John's father do for a living?
(a) Architect.
(b) Commodities trader.
(c) High-level attorney.
(d) Accountant.

7. What does Lorraine not allow John to write in their book?
(a) Swear words.
(b) Actual names.
(c) Insults.
(d) Nicknames.

8. What does Lorraine think about her mother taking things from patients?
(a) Lorraine worries her mother ends up in prison.
(b) It bothers Lorraine.
(c) Lorraine sees nothing wrong with it.
(d) Lorraine thinks it's hilarious.

9. Lorraine talks about an entire book report John writes based on just ______.
(a) The back cover.
(b) What he hears about the book.
(c) The title.
(d) One page of the book.

10. How do Lorraine and John find Mr. Pignati?
(a) Through a mutual friend.
(b) They spy him at a park.
(c) From a phone book.
(d) John gets his mail in error.

11. After finding a number of items belonging to Mrs. Pignati, John realizes that she _____.
(a) Runs away.
(b) Divorces Mr. Pignati.
(c) Is dead.
(d) Is at a mental institution.

12. What excuse does John give for not telling Norton and Dennis that Mr. Pignati wants to donate ten dollars to Lorraine's fake charity?
(a) He doesn't want to be scolded by them.
(b) He doesn't think it is any of their concern.
(c) He wants them to go home and leave them alone.
(d) He doesn't want them taking advantage of the old man.

13. How does Lorraine feel about her own appearance?
(a) Her sincere eyes are her best feature.
(b) She's not the prettiest girl around.
(c) She's not beautiful, but she's attractive enough.
(d) Appearances don't matter, so she doesn't care about how she looks.

14. John feels that the only things Lorraine lacks in are what?
(a) Passion and drive.
(b) Persistence and creativity.
(c) Confidence and self-esteem.
(d) Assertiveness and courage.

15. When does Lorraine meet John?
(a) Start of freshman year.
(b) Start of sophomore year.
(c) In sixth grade.
(d) In first grade.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Lorraine say about John's hostility?

2. High school students John and Lorraine are______.

3. Lorraine's mother is a nurse who works with _____.

4. Mr. Pignati says that Bobo is ______.

5. When Lorraine tells John about the bad omens at the zoo, what does he do?

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