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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Lorraine say about John's hostility?
(a) It stems from alcohol abuse.
(b) It gets him arrested.
(c) It's threatening their friendship.
(d) It's an act.

2. What game do John and Lorraine play with Dennis Kobin and Norton Kelly?
(a) Treasure hunt.
(b) Telephone marathon.
(c) Camera charades.
(d) Ding-dong ditch.

3. Lorraine reads a great deal about ________.
(a) Biology.
(b) Zoology.
(c) Archaeology.
(d) Psychology.

4. What nickname does John give his father?
(a) Bore.
(b) Old man.
(c) Money king.
(d) Genius.

5. How does Lorraine feel about her own appearance?
(a) Appearances don't matter, so she doesn't care about how she looks.
(b) Her sincere eyes are her best feature.
(c) She's not the prettiest girl around.
(d) She's not beautiful, but she's attractive enough.

6. At the zoo, Lorraine observes a series of bad omens including an attack by a _____.
(a) Lemur.
(b) Monkey.
(c) Seagull.
(d) Peacock.

7. Why is Lorraine hesitant to meet Mr. Pignati face to face?
(a) She doesn't want him to know who she is.
(b) She's afraid he'll yell at her for her fake charity.
(c) She doesn't want to keep deceiving the old man.
(d) She hears he has a bad reputation.

8. Kenneth is how many years older than John?
(a) Eight.
(b) One.
(c) Five.
(d) Eleven.

9. Why does Lorraine listen to Mr. Pignati's jokes over the phone?
(a) She can tell he's a lonely old man.
(b) She needs new jokes for a story she's writing.
(c) The object of the game is to keep the other person on the line as long as possible.
(d) She's afraid that if she doesn't, he'll tell her mother what she does.

10. Lorraine feels that John needs to make up interesting stories about his life because he is _______.
(a) Bored.
(b) Protecting himself.
(c) A scoundrel.
(d) Mentally ill.

11. The Pigman recounts the friendship between two sophomores and their _____________.
(a) Beloved parents.
(b) Adult friend.
(c) Supportive teachers.
(d) Baboon friend.

12. Lorraine says that John's father is proud of ripping off:
(a) The electric company.
(b) The insurance company.
(c) His own son.
(d) His secretary.

13. While Lorraine talks to Mr. Pignati by phone, what does John do?
(a) Takes her picture.
(b) Takes a nap.
(c) Makes her laugh.
(d) Watches TV.

14. John feels that the only things Lorraine lacks in are what?
(a) Assertiveness and courage.
(b) Persistence and creativity.
(c) Passion and drive.
(d) Confidence and self-esteem.

15. After the zoo trip, John considers Mr. Pignati to be_____.
(a) Boring and stuffy.
(b) Harmless but a bit crazy.
(c) Mysterious and frightening.
(d) Eccentric but sweet and generous.

Short Answer Questions

1. Friends John and Lorraine attend what high school?

2. After John's mother refuses to give him money for beer, what does he try to do?

3. In Chapter Three, John tells us that Mr. Pignati calls John and Lorraine what?

4. In Chapter Three, John gives the impression that he and Lorraine:

5. What does Lorraine not allow John to write in their book?

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