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Objective: Chapter One. The main characters are introduced in this chapter. The objective of this lesson is to understand who the main characters are and what mission they undertake.

1. Class Discussion: Who is John? Who is Lorraine? Where do they live? Where do they go to school? What grade are they in? What have they set out to do? Who are they writing about? Why? What is the "oath" that they talk about?

2. Written Assignment: From what you learn in Chapter One, write brief character analysis of John, Lorraine, and Mr. Pignati.

3. Small Group Activity: Within your small group, talk about what high school sophomores John and Lorraine are like. Discuss their personalities, physical characteristics, quirks, character traits, strengths, and weaknesses. Talk about the friendship between the two. What draws them to each other? How are these teens similar? In what significant ways do they differ from...

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