The Pigman Character Descriptions

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The Bore - This is the nickname given to the character who works as a broker on the Coffee Exchange on Wall Street.

John Conlan - This character is a fifteen-year-old high-school sophomore who lives in Staten Island, New York, and is good-looking, charming, and highly intelligent, but is bored with school and with life in general.

Mr. Conlan - This character, who used to be a compulsive drinker and is interested only in money and stocks, has a creative son, but fails to appreciate the child's talent and intelligence.

Mrs. Conlan - This character is an anxious, obsessively clean person who spends too much time dashing around cleaning, polishing silverware, monitoring family members' moods, and trying to smooth over clashes between them.

Hyper - This is the nickname given to the character who is terrified of conflict, dust, dirt, and disorder of any kind, and...

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