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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the following does Mrs. Owens not say that Madge would have if she married Alan?
(a) Shopping trips.
(b) Country club membership.
(c) Lots of kids.
(d) A nice home.

2. Alan had once loaned Hal $100 for what?
(a) Text books.
(b) A new suit.
(c) Tuition payment.
(d) A Hollywood screen test.

3. What does Alan tell Madge that his father is making him do?
(a) Get a haircut.
(b) Get a job.
(c) Return to college.
(d) Break up with her.

4. Why does Flo send Millie to Helen's house?
(a) To invite her to the picnic.
(b) To show Helen how nice Millie looks.
(c) To borrow some sugar.
(d) To return garden shears.

5. Who does Mrs. Potts want Hal to take to the picnic?
(a) Flo.
(b) Madge.
(c) Millie.
(d) Rosemary.

Short Answer Questions

1. Madge tells her mother that she is tired of ________________.

2. Where does Rosemary want Howard to take her?

3. What does Millie do after drinking the alcohol?

4. What does Millie say that Hal talked about this afternoon?

5. What does Flo comment on when she comes out onto the porch?

Short Essay Questions

1. What decision does Madge make about her life at the end of the play?

2. How does Act 2 begin?

3. What does Millie tell Madge about her afternoon with Hal?

4. Explain Madge's confusion regarding making love to Hal earlier tonight.

5. Which two characters appear first in Act 3, Scene 1?

6. How does Madge hurt Hal when he kisses her goodbye?

7. Why is Flo obsessed with wanting Madge to marry Alan?

8. How does Howard evade the marriage question at least temporarily?

9. Which characters live in the two homes?

10. Who is Rosemary and what is her outward opinion of men?

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