Picnic Character Descriptions

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Character Descriptions

Howard Bevans - This character is Rosemary's suitor who is his forties and reluctant to marry.

Bomber - This character is the teenage newsboy whose role is to comment upon Madge's beauty and to leer at her.

Hal Carter - This character has no ties and frequently moves from town to town, changing jobs as he goes.

Irma Kronkite - This character is a teacher and a friend of Rosemary's who has been to New York during the summer and returns in the fall to teach.

Mrs. Flo Owens - This character is a widow of about forty who thinks that a marriage between a wealthy boy and her older daughter would improve the family's status and guarantee a better life for her daughter.

Madge Owens - This character is exceptionally beautiful and understands that it is her beauty that men admire and not her intelligence.


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