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Act 1

* The play opens early in the morning on Labor Day in a small Kansas town. * All the events take place on the porches of two homes. * Mrs. Flo Owens and her daughters, Madge and Millie, live in one house and Mrs. Helen Potts and her invalid mother live in the neighboring house. * Mrs. Potts has hired a vagabond named Hal for the day to do some work around her house. * Millie is arguing with a neighbor boy named Bomber who harasses Madge to go out with him. * Hal intervenes and sends Bomber on his way and Madge is instantly attracted to the handsome Hal. * Flo chases Hal away and she and her daughters listen to the sound of a distant train whistle. * Millie longs to take a train to New York while Madge hopes a handsome stranger will get off the train one day, discover her and...

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