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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How is it clear that Ezra has improved?
(a) His breathing is not labored.
(b) He is able to carry on a conversation.
(c) His coloring is better.
(d) He has a good appetite.

2. What does Nyle wonder about her mask?
(a) If the mask would eventually become radioactive.
(b) How it could protect her against something unseen.
(c) Whether it was any longer necessary.
(d) If they would have to wear the mask for the rest of their lives.

3. What does Nyla do as she nuzzles Bayley?
(a) Tells Bayley that she wishes her father were here.
(b) Asks Bayley why he never seems sad.
(c) Tells Bayley about her problems with Muncie.
(d) Thinks that Ezra will die.

4. What does Nyla offer to help do?
(a) Help Muncie card and spin the wool.
(b) Stay after school and clean chalk boards.
(c) Move Ezra outside for some fresh air.
(d) Teach Muncie's pony to wear a bridle.

5. What does Nyle notice when she goes downstairs in her home?
(a) That Muncie is in the foyer.
(b) That the back bedroom door is open.
(c) That her grandma is cooking.
(d) That her father is in the kitchen.

6. What does Nyle think about her science lesson?
(a) That she hated the smell of sulfur.
(b) That it would have been better not to experience it firsthand.
(c) That she didn't think zygots were so interesting.
(d) That there were plenty of fruit flies on the bananas back home.

7. What do the girls do in Radio Shack?
(a) Watch the t.v.
(b) Play with the radio operated cars.
(c) Play a video game.
(d) Look at an ipod.

8. What does Nyla monitor as the days pass by?
(a) The arrival of winter.
(b) The sheep's progress who was hurt by Tyrus.
(c) The coming of Christmas.
(d) Ezra's non-movement.

9. Why doesn't I'll answer Muncie's question?
(a) Nyle doesn't hear Muncie.
(b) Nyle is lost in thought about Ezra.
(c) Nyle is talking to someone else.
(d) Nyle is listening on her headsets.

10. Are is Nyla doing at Muncie's house?
(a) Washing Muncie's pony.
(b) Braiding Muncie's pony's tail.
(c) Carding wool.
(d) Playing hopscotch.

11. Who defends Muncie before Nyle has the chance to do so?
(a) Dan.
(b) Muncie.
(c) Gran.
(d) Bob.

12. What is the personal question Nyle asks of Ezra?
(a) If he thinks he is going to die.
(b) Why he doesn't want the curtain opened.
(c) How he got the scar on his forehead.
(d) How it feels to be in a coma.

13. What is the most interesting aspect of the weather right now?
(a) It is unseasonably warm.
(b) It is warm and sunny.
(c) Snow has fallen.
(d) It has hailed golf-sized balls.

14. Who approaches Nyle as she is examining the sheep?
(a) Ripley Powers.
(b) Gran.
(c) Tyrus.
(d) Mr. Trent.

15. What does Ezra say about the puppy?
(a) Ezra does not want Nyle to bring him anything to love.
(b) It is going to be an awfully large dog.
(c) It seems to like Ezra already.
(d) Its fur is the same color as his dog that died.

Short Answer Questions

1. What brings up the topic of the nuclear accident?

2. Where has Mrs. Haskins been?

3. Why does Nyle allow the strain in her and Muncie's friendship to continue?

4. What surprises Nyle when she goes to give Ezra a lesson on sheep farming?

5. What does Mr. Harris do?

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