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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Mrs. Haskins assign the students to write?
(a) A letter to their friends or families out of town telling them about the accident.
(b) A letter to their congressional representatives and senators.
(c) A personal story about the accident.
(d) A letter to their best friend and talk about their fears.

2. What does the principal announce on the day it rains?
(a) That the leak is contained and the air is good.
(b) That the air is still radioactive and not to remove their masks.
(c) That the rain will contaminate the groundwater.
(d) That the rain will wash away any contamination.

3. What do Muncie and Nyle do after working in the pasture?
(a) Build a snow fort.
(b) Go to spin wool at Muncie's house.
(c) Walk to town for hot chocolate.
(d) Have a discussion about Ezra.

4. Who does not answer Nyle's calls?
(a) Gran and the dog and cat.
(b) Nyle's mother.
(c) Nyle's father.
(d) Nyle's grandpa.

5. What does a nurse do to Ezra?
(a) Hook up an IV.
(b) Inject him with gammaglobulin.
(c) Tell him he is getting better.
(d) Take his blood pressure.

6. What does Mr. Harris do?
(a) Milks the cow to make ice cream.
(b) Plays the banjo to entertain the girls as they card wool.
(c) Tells Nyle and Muncie a scary story as they card wool.
(d) Builds a fire for Nyle and Muncie.

7. From where are the mother and son in the back room?
(a) Melrose.
(b) Corkshire.
(c) Birmingham.
(d) London.

8. What does Nyle reply to Muncie's statement?
(a) That she puts up with powers because he is violent.
(b) That she wasn't as brave as she might have seemed.
(c) That no one will tell her who to hang out with.
(d) That they should put the sheep on a cart and call the vet.

9. When Nyla starts crying, what does Ezra do?
(a) Tells her she is being too loud.
(b) Asks if she is crying.
(c) Offers her a tissue.
(d) Tells her not to feel sorry for herself.

10. Of what does Ezra's speaking just once remind Mrs. Trent?
(a) A passage in the Torah.
(b) Of the need to keep Ezra from knowing about his father.
(c) That Ezra used to be such a talker.
(d) Her husband's passing.

11. Who comes up to the girls in the pasture.
(a) Mr. Harris.
(b) Ezra.
(c) Gran.
(d) Ripley.

12. Why does Nyle show Mrs. Trent the book about a boy in a train station?
(a) To ask her if she has read it.
(b) To get her approval.
(c) To suggest Mrs. Trent read the book to Ezra.
(d) To suggest Ezra is like the boy.

13. What does Ezra do when Nyle goes to pull back the window curtain.
(a) He asks her not to do so.
(b) He gets up to go look outside.
(c) He hides under the covers.
(d) He asks if she made the curtains.

14. What does Nyle do after shrugging off her uneasy feeling?
(a) Goes and sews up the sheep's wounds.
(b) Feeds her pony.
(c) Goes and milks the cow.
(d) Continues to bring in the firewood.

15. What does Nyla monitor as the days pass by?
(a) The coming of Christmas.
(b) The sheep's progress who was hurt by Tyrus.
(c) The arrival of winter.
(d) Ezra's non-movement.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Nyle notice when she goes downstairs in her home?

2. What does Nyla not want to tell Muncie?

3. What does Municie tell Nyle?

4. What do Muncie and Nyle do one day after school?

5. About what do the two teens talk?

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