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Bette Greene
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do Beth and Philip build their stand from?
(a) Orange crates.
(b) Apple crates.
(c) Logs.
(d) Cardboard boxes.

2. What does Beth say Philip likes to refer to himself as?
(a) Hercules.
(b) Mountain Man.
(c) King of the Mountain.
(d) Tarzan.

3. What is the title of Chapter 5?
(a) Bad Mr. Puterham.
(b) The Pretty Pennies Picket.
(c) The Challenge.
(d) Give Back the Money.

4. What does Beth recall Dr. Brennan telling her parents about her?
(a) Wanna give all the opportunities she deserves.
(b) Fun is fine if you don't hurt others.
(c) She is a real beauty and I could give her a good life.
(d) Whole town is proud of this youngun.

5. What do the girls embroider on the front of their t-shirts?
(a) The Pretty Pennies Gilrs Club Relay Team.
(b) The Pretty Pennies Girls Club of Pocahontas, Arkanas.
(c) Never a Bad Penny.
(d) The Prettiest Girls in the World.

6. What does Reverend Ross hand around after the picnic lunch?
(a) Gifts.
(b) Coffee.
(c) Glasses of milkshake.
(d) Cups of ice cream.

7. How does Mrs. Hall thank Beth for finding her son?
(a) She gives her a hug.
(b) She shakes her hand.
(c) She buys her an ice cream.
(d) She gives her a sandwich.

8. What does Beth decide to call her vegetable stand?
(a) Beth and Phil's Juicy Veg.
(b) Veggies for Veggies.
(c) Lambert's Fruit and Veg.
(d) Elizath Lorraine Lambert and Friend.

9. Who goes missing in this section?
(a) Beth.
(b) Gordy.
(c) Eugene.
(d) Philip.

10. What does Beth is the only way Mr. Putterham can make them leave?
(a) By shooting at them.
(b) By saying something funny.
(c) By phoning the police.
(d) By paying them.

11. What do Beth and the others form at the front of Mr. Putterham's store?
(a) A troop line.
(b) A square dance.
(c) A circle.
(d) A picket line.

12. Where was the last place everyone saw Philip?
(a) The mountains.
(b) The caves.
(c) The bus.
(d) The lake.

13. What will the Tigers have to do if the Pennies win the relay?
(a) Stop drinking lemonade for a week.
(b) Do twenty press ups.
(c) Act as their personal slaves.
(d) Run around the forest.

14. What is the name of the town the bus stops at?
(a) Hardy.
(b) Hogan.
(c) Beat.
(d) Franklin.

15. What does Beth want to become when she is older?
(a) A taxi driver.
(b) A veterinarian.
(c) A pilot.
(d) A writer.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Beth and Philip's first customer?

2. How does Mrs. Hall react when Beth brings back Philip?

3. What will the Tigers have to do if the Pennies win the relay?

4. How did Beth's sister help her with her vegetable stand?

5. Why is Beth angry at Philip in Chapter 4?

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